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3 Easy Tips to Gain Likes using Hashtags

(Last Updated On: March 6, 2019)

instagram-hashtagsHashtags are very important in the social media world. Getting noticed on social networking sites such as Instagram can sometimes be hard. Using hashtags on Instagram allows your photo to show up on the discover tab. The discover tab is how other people can find pictures, and gain more likes on their photos. Some people wonder what are the right tags to use to get more likes. You may see a lot of tags on Instagram such as #tbt, but you may not know what that means. In order to get more likes using Hashtags, you have to know different ways and techniques to get more free likes on your Instagram photo.

Here are three ways you can get more Instagram likes using hashtags:

  1. Know the Popular Tags – Before you start hashtagging your photos, you have to know which hashtags are popular. When you first start typing in a hashtag, Instagram will give you suggestions on which ones to use by popularity. Some examples are #followme and #selfie. These types of hashtags will help other Instagram users find your pictures and like them. For example, if you are at the gym you would say #gymselfie. People that look up that hashtag will notice your picture and like it. Remember the more popular the hashtag is, the more chances you will have to get noticed.
  2. Use Every day Hashtags – There are hashtags for different days of the week. One of them is #MotivationMonday where you post motivational quotes or inspirational photos. Following these trends can easily get you more likes. Another hashtag you can use is #throwbackthursday. You post old photos of yourself from years ago. A lot of people look up this hashtag, and your photo can land on the front page in that category. Following these everyday tags will help your photos gain popularity.
  3. Don’t Over Hashtags – Some people think that putting a lot of hashtags on their photo will get them a lot of likes. That may be true, but choosing just five relevant hashtags can get you more likes. Instagram limits you to 30 hashtags on one photo. Choose the top five hashtags that give you the most likes. Don’t include all of your hashtags in your caption. It is best to make hashtags the very first comment on your photo. Five is the ideal number of hashtags you should use, but you can use less. Watch and see what hashtags gets you more likes and use the ones that are successful to you.

Instagram can be a fun and exciting way to share a piece of your life. Everyone wants their photos to be liked on Instagram. These three ways that I have mentioned will get you a substantial amount of likes on your photos. It is important to also post photos that will make people want to view your other photos so you can get more likes. Using Instagram hashtags can also help if you have a business or if you are a photographer. Remember to post pictures that will grab other Instagram users attention and use those hashtags.