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Use Hashtags to Increase your Instagram Likes

(Last Updated On: April 8, 2019)


Use As Many Hashtags as possible

People might find this step frustrating. They might not like to watch a post get seemingly buried beneath a huge list of hashtag links. However, there is no getting around the fact that people find posts in the first place through hashtags. The more hashtags there are, the more likely it is that people are going to find the post and the more likely it is that the post is going to get liked more often.

People should also be fine with using the same words in hashtags over and over again. There are plenty of different hashtags that will be similar to one another and yet subtly different from one another as well. No one should be afraid of repetition with hashtags. Some of the people who will be searching for hashtags on that particular topic will use one hashtag rather than another one that is only worded slightly differently. While it might seem strange to seemingly repeat the same search terms over and over again, it has worked for a lot of people on Instagram and similar websites.

Use Some of the Most Popular Hashtags of the Day

This tip is actually a lot trickier than it sounds. The popularity of hashtags changes so rapidly that people are really going to struggle with actually being able to keep track of the trends. However, whenever people have reason to believe that a hashtag is trending, it’s time to try to use that hashtag or to take advantage of it right away. This trick is easier on some social media websites, which make it clear which hashtags are trending.

Some people might actually specifically take pictures that relate to the particular hashtag that is popular in a given moment. This strategy can be tough. It’s possible that the trend will change the moment that the picture is actually posted. However, if it’s a popular enough topic, it is also possible that people are going to end up creating new hashtags that are similar anyway. People can’t just rely on the trending hashtags, of course. Their posts might get buried beneath the trending posts of others. However, trending hashtags are still going to help a lot of people get noticed.

Mix Popular Hashtags With Obscure Hashtags

People who use less popular hashtags will more or less rule that particular hashtag. As such, it’s going to be even easier for them to stand out in that particular category. They are going to have the chance to really catch people’s attention in this one specific niche. People should usually not rely on obscure hashtags unless that is their specific field and they are creating content in an extremely niche category. However, mixing in these hashtags with some of the more popular ones can really help. It will also make it look like the people in question aren’t working as hard at trying to be trendy, which is also useful for a lot of people on social media today.

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