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5 Tips to Fast Instagram Followers

(Last Updated On: March 6, 2019)

Instagram is one of the best ways to share photos of your adventures in life with multiple people around the world at once.

There are many advantages to having a large social media following apart from the incredible ego boost you get from people enjoying what you post and what you do. For example; if you gain yourself a sizable following you can begin making money from advertising products to your followers like many celebrities and reality TV stars.

Read on to learn how you can Instagram followers fast with these 5 strategies.  

The Basics

First and foremost you must ensure that you complete all the basics when you set up your Instagram profile.

When someone first arrives at your profile they need to be grabbed immediately otherwise they will lose interest and move on, according to research you have just 7 seconds to make an impression. If you don’t have a complete profile, people won’t get hooked in.

First, being an image sharing platform, ensure that your profile image accurately represents you or your business, you don’t want people being left confused. The thumbnail can be small so you must ensure that you use a clear, identifiable image that accurately represents who or what you are.

Secondly, you need to let people know who you are; you can do this by choosing the correct name, whether it be your name or your business name, along with a short bio that gives a quick description of who you are and what it is you can do for the visitor.

Finally, if you have a business it is imperative to include a link to your website, otherwise what’s the point of going through all this effort to not get yourself business! With these basic first steps, you’ll be on your way to get more Instagram followers fast!

Know your crowd

the-in-crowd-instagram-influencersTo build a strong following, you’ve got to know your crowd and in order to do this, you need to research them!

If it’s a personal account, post pictures of things and places that you think your friends will like. Whilst this is unlikely to gain you a massive following, it will at least please your friends!

If you are growing with business in mind however, ensure your page is tailored for it. People will not want to come to a page, selling a certain type of watch if all they are seeing is photos of your dinner.

Ensure you research your target market extensively for the absolute best results.   

For example, lets consider you want to sell a brand of sunglasses. First you must consider what type of sunglasses it is you are selling. If they are young, trendy sunglasses you will want to build your page to get young and trendy individuals to follow you by posting about subjects that they will find engaging and interesting like festivals and music.

If however you are selling for an older, rich market you will want to gear your page towards subjects like sailing and gardening.

Be Imaginative

If your Instagram was deleted would your followers notice? What makes you different to the countless other profiles?

You need to be able to stand out but at the same time, be imaginative so that your followers keep coming back for more. This is where a lot of people struggle to stand out. Ask yourself, what makes you special?

  1. How many pages or groups do you follow just because they make you laugh? Humor can help you stand out from the crowd in a big way. However, bare in mind that this has to be done in the correct context as you can’t have a funny page if your business happens to be a funeral directors; an extreme example but you get the idea.
  2. If you don’t want to sell your page on making people laugh then creating informative and interesting content is also a great option. Think of your own experiences, I am sure there are some groups you follow just because they give you news on various subjects you can’t get from anywhere else. This can be a bit more work than just being funny as you have to go and find the information to let your followers know but it will ensure to show you in a more professional light.
  3. Finally, the absolute best way to be imaginative and have your readers coming back for more is a mixture of both. If your business is one that allows for it, you can inform your followers on the latest goings on AND make them laugh at the same time. If you can achieve this winning formula, you are on to a winner!

There is nothing wrong with comparing and taking inspiration from some of your favorite people on Instagram, don’t flat out copy them but you can see what works best in the market you are targeting.

Remain Engaged

When you have a page on Instagram nothing makes people feel more involved and a part of your world than when you interact with them personally in some way or another.

Building a personal Instagram page I have no doubt that you will be constantly replying, DMing and loving pictures of your friends. Building a business page should be no different.

When people come to your Instagram, it is because they will want to see what you do, how you do it and why you do it. This means they may also have questions. For instance, they may want to ask you where you are in a picture you have posted, they may want your opinion on something you are wearing or they may have a question about your business.

It is a good habit to try and reply to everyone who takes the time out of their day to ask you something.   

Talking to your followers will make them happy because you have taken the time out of your busy day to interact with them, they will remember that and tell their friends how helpful your page is, bringing in more followers.

Buying Them

social-proofThe strategies up to this stage have been a lot of work on your behalf! Researching your market, creating highly informative amusing content and replying to numerous people each day will work to get you followers but it can be time consuming and stressful. Do you have all that time and energy?

The good news is, with a service like SocialProof you can pay for automatic Instagram likes on all of your posts, Daily Instagram authentic followers to your page and high numbers of views on your posts.

All of this will be done without anyone knowing you are using this sneaky little hack! It will be our secret and your page will reach incredible new heights of popularity.

With SocialProof increasing your pages popularity will start a snowball effect that will get others liking and engaging your profile, if you see an Instagram page with a lot of interaction you will wonder yourself what the fuss is all about and want to join in!


I hope the strategies listed above get your profile to the heights you want it to be at. Remember with great amount of followers comes a great amount of responsibility.