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6 Ways You Can Use Social Proof to Catapult Conversions

(Last Updated On: April 15, 2019)

Are you interested in converting your site visitors into users of your product or service?

Tapping into the power of social proof can be a major factor in increasing your conversion rate!

Why is social proof so important?

Social ProofConsumers want proof from their peers that a product is valuable.  Just take a look around you to see how the sense of scarcity or how the alignment to a brand name attracts consumers.

For example, high-profile restaurants often build a long waiting list for a free table. A sale deadline often encourages buyers to move fast.  A celebrity’s name and picture on the wall of a shopping center gives customers the sense of a nod of approval from a high profile customer.

In social proof, people assume the actions of others in order to reflect correct behavior in a situation. In other words, people tend to flock where crowds are.

Your network exposure is no different.  If the crowds show, your following will grow!

Since only about 22% of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates, your company can be ahead of the game by tapping into social proof strategies.

Let’s jump in and discuss 6 ways you can use social proof to catapult conversions for your business!

Product reviews

Product reviews are an important method of using social proof to improve your conversions.

The fact is, customers are much more likely to purchase a product after reading a product review. A whopping 90% of consumers read online reviews and 88% of them trust the online reviews as much as they do personal recommendations!

Personal reviews are powerful for consumers since they will be able to see the experience of others who have used the same product. These reviews give consumers a sense of confidence before they make a purchase.

If 50 other people buy the product and love it, then the odds are that they probably will, too.

If you show both the positive and negative reviews, it builds authenticity and trust in one’s purchasing decisions.

Additionally, storytelling is an extremely persuasive way to keep the consumer interested and connected.  Sharing how the product has been helpful to an individual and making the story extremely personal positively affects one’s decision to purchase.

Like product reviews, testimonials are just as important to would-be buyers.


We know how important personal recommendations are. Both the average user and expert user lend influence to potential buyers through their product testimonials.

There are many ways to share a testimonial.  Among them are the powerful video sharing platforms (such as YouTube) which have a huge effect on viewers looking for solutions to their problems.

Sprinkling testimonials throughout your company’s site can be instrumental in increasing your conversion rates. A simple box with a user’s headshot and brief one-line testimonial gives a face and name to the product, thereby making the experience a personal one that consumers can truly connect with.

Testimonials by experts are also extremely important to the consumer who wants to hear from someone who has expertise in the product or field. The validation an expert gives is essentially an up-close-and-personal account of one who is actually using the product and understands the product.

Along those lines, receiving endorsements from celebrities can have a vastly positive effect on your social shares and sales.

Celebrity Endorsements

According to Marketwatch, sales may increase by 4% after signing a celebrity. Obviously, celebrity endorsements do have some traction and can be helpful in establishing your company’s value and social proof.

Celebrity endorsements can be both paid and unpaid. Natural endorsements from celebrities may be in the form of a public nod of approval- unpaid and all on their own volition.

Either paid or unpaid endorsements has the potential to positively affect your company’s brand value.

Besides endorsements and testimonials, you want to make sure you collect case studies.

Case Studies

Everyone loves a good story, and case studies are a wonderful way to share them!

Case studies paint a picture for the customer and evoke emotions that help them to connect with your brand. A good case study also positions your brand as one of authority and explains how problems your customer have are solved through your products and services.

Case studies are a great way to convert site visitors and add new customers because they are niche specific to your target market. You can really capitalize on your specific niche market by providing a case study that shows how a particular customer base (geographically or interest-based, for example) is benefitted by your company’s product.

There are several ways your company can integrate case studies into your marketing strategy. By placing them on your home page, blog posts, landing pages, and call to action page, you can be more effective at reaching your readers.

Media Mentions

Trust symbols are proof that a third party organization has labeled your brand as trustworthy. Media mentions work in a similar way but have more impact on your digital footprint and social proof.

Media mentions are words of validation about your business that trustworthy organizations are willing to share.  You want to take advantage of this opportunity by displaying these on your site.

To get the most out of your media mentions, be sure to pull quotes about your company from high profile companies and industry leaders. Use these quotes on your site liberally to help establish trust and to improve your social proof for conversions.

A few mentions from trusted brands can go a long way in establishing your brand’s value. While you’re at it, you may as well show off your social counts!

Display Social Counts

Social counts, if you have a high volume of followers, is a valuable asset to your brand- and you should most definitely show it off! You want to display the amount of followers you have in many social media outlets.

To display your social counts, use a widget or plugin that will automatically show how many follower you have on each platform. Of course if you want your social counts to look impressive one way is to use  Instagram automatic likes to give your account a boost.

So after reading this, are you now ready to boost your social proof and catapult your conversions?

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