Apply to be a Supplier

You’re welcome to apple to become a supplier, we are always looking for the following.

  • Fast Delivery, the faster you can deliver the better. If you run a cron it needs to execute every 5 minutes. We monitor delivery times of each vendor, if you exceed our average we’ll stop sending orders.
  • Reliable, your server has to be  24/7 with little downtime for maintenance. We track downtime, users expect to get what they pay for.
  • Paypal, we can only pay via Paypal and payments must be updated in real time.
  • API, you must have an API

We are looking for service providers in the following areas:

  1. YouTube Views – Reliable Views that don’t drop with world wide views. High Retention views, 1000 Min – 250,000+
  2. Instagram Views – Fast delivery is required, .30-.15/1000 is required, 20 Min – 100,000+
  3. Instagram Likes – Fast delivery, price range is .15-.30/1000, 2o Minimum to 100,000+
  4. Instagram Followers – Fast delivery – The less drops you have the more we’re willing to pay. Followers with Images, bios, that look Real.

Feel free to fill out the contact form to make contact about your service, panel or offering.

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