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How to Automate your Instagram Page

(Last Updated On: March 6, 2019)

Is Instagram a part of your marketing mix? If it is, you are probably aware of a lot that it can do to help you. Unfortunately, you might not be aware of other things it can do even when you aren’t directly involved in it. For these things, however, you need to understand automation and how you can use it to make your Instagram work to benefit you even when you are someplace else and doing something else. Getting the most from your Instagram account when you’re on the go is the primary focus of this article.

Put your Posts on Autopilot

instagram-on-autopilotFrom its beginning, Instagram was designed to be a mobile tool. For that reason, that’s where most interactions with it take place. It only stands to reason that Instagram wants users to be out and among whatever they are doing and wherever they are doing it. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible with everyone, there are ways to work around this. These opportunities are not available from Instagram, however. They are made available in mobile-only mode as well as from your computer. There are even a few that work on both. In addition to Scheduling posts when you’re time is limited, you should also consider Automatic Instagram Likes. With automation you can increase your engagement by adding likes whenever your post goes live. Below are the following five ways you can be more productive with your Page by putting your content on Autopilot.

  1. ScheduGram If you are looking to an easier way to schedule your social media and to basically put it on autopilot, ScheduGram is a good tool for you. In it’s most basic form, ScheduGram gives you the tool to upload all images and videos and schedule them to post later. You can even do this on other social media platforms as well. With ScheduGram you can set up everything you want to go out, when it is to go out, and it let’s you know when all of this happens. ScheduGram even lets you know when you have scheduled a future posting for yourself.
  2. Latergramme. With Latergramme you can work from your browser or your mobile iOS to schedule and organize your Instagram posts. With Latergramme you can upload individual images and to even schedule them, but it does not allow you to post them. Simply put, Latergramme is kind of a glorified editorial calendar since you have to do the posting yourself.
  3. Onlypult (Formerly Instapult). If you are looking for a way to manage several Instagram accounts as well as invite other administrators to post, Onlypult will serve you well. Onlypult will allow you to upload single or several images with this web-based tool. It will also allow you to edit your images and use filters. Once you’re done doing whatever you want to do with an image, you can schedule to post it.
  4. TakeOff. TakeOff is much like Latergramme in several regards. First, TakeOff has both an Android as well as iOS mobile. It does not post for you. You can only schedule your postings with it. It does do a lot of the work you want to do in terms of suggesting hashtags and posting dates when your followers are most active, which is a nice since it’s one thing you don’t have to think about. One big drawback with TakeOff is that it does not offer filters and effects. Instead, prior to releasing your photo, you are reminded to go back to Instagram in order to do that if you wish. On the positive side, TakeOff is very intuitive and easy to use.

It probably goes without saying that Instagram has only multiplied the promotional opportunities offered by all of the social media outlets. Further, by learning all of the capabilities that are possible with all of the platforms–including Instagram–users can more fully use and benefit from the advantages that they offer.

More than ever before, people of all types are tied to their telephones. It naturally follows that reaching these wired-in folks requires methods that depend on mobile applications, which is the heart of social media. As difficult as this might seem to be, it’s made even more difficult if you are always on the go yourself. Fortunately, this is where the convenience of mobile media tools comes in. It might be true that Instagram is designed to be used “on the go,” which makes scheduling posts against the original intent of the platform, but as is said in so many other avenues, modern times demands modern methods. And as far as Instagram is concerned, it’s as modern as it comes for getting your message out.