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1000 Auto Likes
60 Posts Per Month
1000 Likes per Post
1000 Views per Video
30 Day (Subscription)
Starts On New Posts
Cancel Anytime
500 Auto Likes
60 Posts Per Month
500 Likes per Post
500 Views per Video
30 Day (Subscription)
Starts On New Posts
Cancel Anytime
200 Auto Likes
60 Posts Per Month
200 Likes per Post
300 Views per Video
30 Day (Subscription)
Starts On New Posts
Cancel Anytime
300 Auto Likes
60 Posts Per Month
300 Likes per Post
400 Views per Video
30 Day (Subscription)
Starts On New Posts
Cancel Anytime


Auto Likes is a new Subscription Service we’re offering where we will automatically add your chosen amount of likes to your posts on Instagram.

Our system will detect any new post and randomly choose an amount of Likes to deliver based on the package you have chosen.

The system updates every 5 minutes looking for new posts and can deliver within another 15-30 minutes. The robots will help make your posts look natural with a lot of engagement by liking your newest posts.

This monthly membership is an easy way to have your page look viral without having to do any work. Besides adding more likes to your posts you can also get Auto Instagram Views to your posts which works for Videos.

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Automatic Instagram Likes
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 55 reviews
by Ethel Eze on Automatic Instagram Likes

Thank you so much. It works like magic. All for free

by yolo on Automatic Instagram Likes

workz wellz

by ch0ps on Automatic Instagram Likes

Thanks so much, it has been working great so far.

by African on Automatic Instagram Likes

Nice service prompt reliable and affordable

by Liker on Automatic Instagram Likes

Thank you, the Automatic likes came as expected. Love your service, keep it up.

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Buying automatic Instagram likes using your phoneInstructions on Ordering:

  1. Choose the Monthly package that makes sense for you.
  2. Provide the Username to the Instagram page you want the Auto Likes on.
  3. Provide your Paypal payment details for Billing and every month you will be billed.

Buy automatic Instagram likesWhat happens after I order?

  1. After we confirm your Username is a real Instagram Page we will add your purchase to our system. Our bot will check your Instagram page for new posts every 5 minutes. If we detect a new Photo or Video we’ll send your Likes. The order will be delivered typically within 15-30 minutes. It takes the system some time to process the order. We’ll notify you that we completed your order via email and update your Dashboard with statistics in the Desktop Panel.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Automatic Instagram Likes:

Q1: How many posts can I do per month?

If the month has 30 days you are allowed upto 120 posts in Total.

Q2: How do I know if my order was delivered?

We’ll email you a Completion email with every post you make for the 30 days.

Q3: How can I get a status update on my Automatic Likes for my account?

You can view the status of ALL of your orders and Subscriptions on our Self Help page here: https://www.socialproof.xyz/services/selfhelp

Q4: How do I cancel my Subscription?

All monthly subscriptions are managed by Paypal. Login to your Paypal to view your Renewal Date and have the option to Cancel your service.

  1. Login to your Paypal
  2. Click the My Paypal link next to the Logout link in the upper right corner.
  3. Click on the Profile button
  4. Goto Profile and Settings
  5. Choose My Money in the Menu on the left side of the page.
  6. Look for the My Approved Payments and select the Update Link where you can view your subscription.

Q5: How many Posts do you allow per month?

You can post upto 120 times per month, that averages out to 3 per day. You can use the 90 as fast or as slow as you want. Ninety instances is more than enough for most buyers.

Q6: Can I go Viral on Instagram?

With AutomaticViral Likes, you can increase your presence, making you look like your post is circulating rapidly on the network. The alternative is to manually submit each photo, video or post to get more likes.

Q7: Will I get more Followers to my page if I’m using your Likes Service?

The best way to increase your following automatically is to buy them.

Q8: Can I get more than 90 Posts?

At this time we are limiting our system to ninety every month, this is very generous and generally fullfills most peoples needs. We are looking at allowing users to pick the number of posts per day they would like. We’ll might be adding this in the future. Feel free to contact us if this is something you would like to see added.

Q9: How quickly do you start the order?

We start monitoring your page immediately upon paypal payment and recheck your page every 5 minutes on a daily basis.

Q10: How fast do you deliver the Order?

Total delivery time as of writing this is 15-30 minutes. Keep in mind the system checks your page every 15 minutes so it can take 30-45 minutes total for an order to be processed and delivered.

Q11: Are they REAL?

They will come from random accounts we setup on IG.

Q12: Can I purchase Instagram Likes without subscribing to your service?

Yes, you can

Q13: Do you offer any other Subscription Services other than this one?

Yes, you can also take advantage of Automatic Instagram Views for your Video.

Q14: Is this a cheap service?

We attempt to keep our pricing as low as we can and competitive to what the market is offering. We have a very reliable service and will appreciate our speed of completion.

Q15: How does this subscription help me?

This IG Marketing strategy will give the appearance of your Page growing on a consistent and regular basis. This will help you attract users and could be the catalyst to help you go viral. This is the easiest way to gain popularity through automation.


You want to share with the world, the content is ready but where are the views? You dedicate enough time into your image, let us help you grow.

For just 19.94 our subscription service monitors your profile every 5 minutes promptly adding likes to your posts. That’s right, every time you post. Auto likes are provided based on the package you choose, recreating engagement, activity and offering potential exposure to a larger audience.

Your membership, hands free, with ease.  Our automatic Instagram likes are offered in five packages.

  1. From 19.94 for 20 to 60 likes
  2. 59.94 for 520 to 640 likes
  3. 220 to 340 likes for 39.94.

All packages include 5 minute monitoring, auto likes on 3 posts per day and immediate subscription with our 30 day recurring service.

Join in three easy steps: Choose your preferred package, provide the Instagram username that will receive the likes then add paypal billing details for recurring services.

In return others take notice. More fans, more followers, more business.

Why struggle with exposure? Let us do the work. You have content to create.  Focus on your vision. You have a brand, the world should know.

Check out our Reviews from Real Users:

Buy Instagram auto likesThank you sweetie for helping me with my Bikini Instagram page, I love your site!!
Automatic Instagram likes from SocialProofMy fitness page is growing so fast and I owe it all to you guys




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