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social-signals-media-sharing06-29-2022 Instagram Mentions are [Disabled]

  • Create an account to gain access to all the Instagram services here: https://www.socialproof.xyz/services
  • Minimum Mentions order is 100
  • Maximum Mentions order is 500 because of Instagram Blocking
  • You can target a Users Followers (Minimum of 2 Users per order)
  • You can target Hashtags (Minimum of 5 Hashtags per order)
  • This is the most effective way to Target specific users to your Post.

Buying Social Signals is an innovative marketing technique that has been mentioned in the following media.

Instagram MentionsWhat can I expect after I purchase?

  1. We start orders every 5 minutes i.e. 5 after the hour, 30 min after the hour… you get the point.
  2. You’ll get a confirmation email letting you know we’ve started your order.
  3. We’ll update you with an automated email with stats and completion information.
  4. If you want real time stats and tracking you can use our Dashboard (Click Here)


  1. Provide the POST URL you want the Mentions on.
  2. Give us a minimum of TWO popular User Pages you want us to get the Users from.
  3. Give us a minimum of FIVE hashtags you want us to get users from.
  4. Once we have that information we can start the order.
  5. Orders start immediately but will be completed over a 7 day period because of Instagrams Restrictions.

Instagram MentionsHere’s why you Buy from us!

  1. We start your order within 15 minutes of payment. (That’s how long it takes for our Cron to detect your Order)
  2. We use REAL Instagram Accounts to mention your users.
  3. Our bot scrapes your Target pages Followers so they get mentioned on your post.
  4. Our bot scrapes your Target Hashtags, you will get extremely Targeted users to view your post.
  5. We track delivery times so you always know how long the order took.
  6. We’ll try to make the mentions look as natural as possible.
  7. One of the easiest ways to add followers to you page using real Mentions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Q: If I use the same Users and Hashtags on every order are you getting new users to mention?
    A: Every order is treated as a separate and new order which means we scrape the newest to oldest followers. If the Page or Hashtag is gaining new followers faster than your order you’ll get fresh mentions. If you choose low volume Hashtags or Users you’ll most likely get the same users over and over. For instance if you scrape Justin Beibers account you’ll always get fresh Mentions because his account is growing so fast as compared to a low user with 5,000 followers.
  2. Q: How fast do you start the order?
    A: Once payment is made our system checks for new orders every 15 minutes (15 after the hour, 30 min after the hour, 45 min after the hour) We email you when your order starts (whitelist the email [email protected] so you receive your notifications).
  3. Q: How fast do you complete my order?
    A: Order will be delivered over a 7 day period due to Instagrams settings. The only way to continue this service is to slowly mention users over a longer period of time. This also makes the followers look natural.

What are Instagram Mentions?
Instagram Mentions is when you tag a user in your post using the @ symbol. An example would be something like @yourbff. This alerts the tagged person with a notification letting them know they should take a look at your post.

Why would someone want to buy Mentions?
Buying mentions is the process of basically spamming your post with hundreds to thousands of users, notifying them to come take a look at your post.

What is the purpose of using Mentions?
The point of using this marketing technique is to attract new followers to your post. Not only will you get Likes but possibly new followers.

How are Marketers using Mentions?
Internet Marketers are targeting Instagram Followers to a post to achieve a few things.

  1. To gain new targeted followers
  2. To gain likes on your post
  3. To get users to click your URL link in your profile.
  4. To send users to their CPA offers.

What do Mentions look like?
Instagram Mentions

Can you target the type of users who get Mentioned?

Yes, there are two ways users get targeted. The first is by hashtags, we’ll find users who use a specific hashtag in their posts. The second way is to mention followers of a specific. If you want all of Britney Spears followers to be mentioned we can get that list from her page.

Where else can I learn more about Mentions?

  • Read more about Instagram Mentions on Instagram

Make Money selling Instagram Social Signals:

How many followers can you get using this technique?

There is not specific conversion rate, it really depends on your targetting, the type of photo or video you use and the description you use.
Here is an example of how many followers we gained using this service.
Instagram Shoutout Stats

Can I get banned using Mentions?

We have seen post get removed when using Mentions. As you can imagine Instagram doesn’t like this marketing process and they will work to stop it. We’ve also seen peoples pages have their Password reset. You should use this Marketing tool at your own risk, but when used correctly it’s very effective.

Where else can I buy?

Can you show me an example of a good Post description to gain followers?
Example Instagram Description



(Automatically Add LIKES) to new Instagram Posts