Buy Parler Followers

Use these 5 methods to grow your Followers on the Parler platform.

  1. Follow users
  2. Upvote other peoples posts
  3. Reposts other peoples posts
  4. Comment on other peoples posts
  5. Upvote users comments

Lets break down each method so you understand how quickly you can grow a Parler page.

Follow Users

Whenever you follow users on Parler the person you followed will get a notification that you followed them.

From our testing we see that about 25% of the people who you follow will follow-back.

There are two types of users on Parler

  1. Verified Account
  2. Unverified Account

Each type of user has a different following limit.

Unverified account can follow a maximum of 400 and the Verified Accounts can follow 700 people.

To grow you page you should follow the maximum number of users every 24 hours, this should net you +/-25% people who will follow you back

  1. Unverified Account = 400 x .25 = +100 new followers each day
  2. Verified Account = 700 x .25 = +175 new followers each day

Upvoting Posts

Upvoting other peoples posts will generate a Notification to the poster that you upvoted.

The more you upvote the more interaction and possibility of new Followers you will get. A certain percentage of posters will follow you for upvoting.

Reposting Posts

A small percentage of users will follow you for Reposting their posts. Reposting adds their post to your page, giving the original poster a clickable link back to their page.

This method is the slowest and least effective way to grow your page.

Commenting on Posts

A strategic way to grow your page is to comment on posts that have little no no comments.

The more you comment, the more you will connect with targeted users.

This is a great way to get Targeted followers.

Upvoting Post Comments

A very effective way to get noticed and find new followers is to upvote comments on popular posts.

The more you upvote comments, the more notifications you’re sending out to other users.

Curious users will follow their notifications to your page and have the option to follow you.

If you can upvote 100’s of comments per day, you’ll increase your pages followers by 1000’s.

Daily Interactions

The moral of the story is to create interactions every day.

The more consistent you are with commenting, upvoting, reposting and following other users, the better your conversions will be.

If you want to see this process in action watch the following video.

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