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Buy Social Signals on all the Major Networks

(Last Updated On: April 15, 2019)

social-signals-networksAs you probably know by know Google includes Social Signals as part of it’s ranking algorithm. It had been debated for years but over time Google has solidified relationships with some of the bigger networks to gain access to their data. Now that Google has access to these metrics they can use this information as part of their ranking process.

What are Social Signals?

Social Signals are considered recommendations from your peers, influencers and creators. Signals are things like Facebook Likes, Google +1’s, Twitter Retweets and Likes. Anytime a user has the ability to recommend or give you a vote, this is a Social Signal. Social Signals has also been considered as a Social “Vote”, a way for people to give you props for your content.

What are the major Networks Google looks at for Signals?

  1. Google Plus – Obviously they are going to trust their own network the most despite it not being as popular as the others.
  2. Facebook Likes – Facebook has over a billion users and it’s not surprise this network could impact your rankings.
  3. Twitter Retweets and Likes – Twitter has given Google access to their data in the last year 2013, it was just a matter of time before Google started to incorporate this information into it’s system.

Besides Google what else are Social Signals good for?

We did a case study where we created two identical Twitter Accounts. Same profile image, description and posts. One Twitter account we populated it with 10,000 followers while the other one started with ZERO.

Using the Follow / Unfollow method of growing the Twitter accounts we noticed the Account with the 10,000 Paid for Followers grew 25% faster than the other account. This tells us that Social Proof helped the account that looked more popular to grow faster.

What sites do you sell Social Signals for?

We support the following networks

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Instagram – Buy Instagram Likes Here
  4. SoundCloud
  5. YouTube

Social Signals are considered the new “Vote!

Here we see Matt Cutts confirming Social Signals are a ranking factor Google users: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ofhwPC-5Ub4

The exact quote from Matt at :035 in the video “Yes, I can confirm this. We do use Twitter, Facebook’s link and ranking as we always have in our web search ranking…we are also trying to figure out the reputation of an author…”