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In the competitive market of Music you have to stand out to get noticed with a high number of Plays. It’s not enough to simply upload your Tracks and pray someone finds you. Through aggressive marketing it is possible find followers who will listen to your music. Through the use of creative marketing and deliberate focus you can attract real listeners. Buying a service like this can exponentially increase your odds by looking more popular and improving your reputation on the Soundcloud site.

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You can create custom Soundcloud Plays in our Desktop Panel
Minimum is: 100
Maximum is: 1 Million
Incremental Increase is: 100
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thank you as well!
- Horn

Fast and reliable
- Jefferson

Excellent job! Will definitely recommend. Thanks
- Villarreal

job well done
- Heath

good and quick
- Dalton

great service, timely & as listed
- Valencia

Great job!!
- Callahan

Thank you. Good job.
- Liu

Wonderful plays and wonderfully fast!
- Carney

Prompt and helpful service from socialproof.
- Cowan H

Fantastic service from socialproof, got my plays. THANKS
- Ferrell

Excellent, communication, support and prompt, fast plays delivery.
- Davies J

Great plays and fantastic support - very fast turnaround ++++
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Quikc service and quick plays delivery.
- Shea

Great company in every way. Highly recommended!!
- Osborn

Excellent, professional servicel; Socialproof deliver what they promise!
- Bright M

- Cuevas Y

Great efficient service, your staff were really helpful and delighted with the plays.
- Bolton Key


Purchasing Social Media Services is an innovative marketing technique that has been mentioned in the following media.

Instructions when ordering.

  1. You’ll need the URL to your track on Soundcloud.
  2. To get the proper URL you should click the Share button below your Track.


What to expect after you order.

  1. After you submit your Track URL we’ll get the Starting count and begin the order.
  2. You’ll receive an email from us pretty much immediately after payment.
  3. Delivery can take 30 Minutes upto 24 hours, depends on how many people are ahead of you in the que.
  4. Once we’ve delivered your real plays you’ll get a completion email outlining the start and end count for your music.

soundcloud-playsSoundcloud has raised over $120 Million dollars and is valued at $700 Million. It is the premiere website to share your music with the world. Not only can you gain exposure with users, but it’s a great avenue to showcase your talents with the Record Industry. Getting noticed can be a challenge and that’s where our service comes in, the higher number you display, the better your chances of getting seen by the people who can help you further your talents. If you want to stand out from the rest you need to look bigger than you might be. Getting Plays, Followers, and Downloads to your profile can help you with your Reputation and improve your Popularity.

soundcloud-plays-150Using this service will:

  • Make you look more Popular
  • Improve your Reputation
  • Increase your engagement
  • Get more reshares and downloads
  • Increases your organic followers

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: How fast do you start our order?
    A: Every order is started immediately upon payment.
  2. Q: How fast do you deliver?
    A: Delivery can take upto 24 hours in most cases, we monitor the delivery times in your dashboard.
  3. Q: Where can I see the Dashboard?
    A: https://www.socialproof.xyz/services
  4. Q: Will this service help me go Viral?
    A: If you Get more Plays it can help your chances of getting noticed by users on the Soundcloud website and can help push you into the Top 50 charts.
  5. Q: Can you help me make it into the Top 50 Charts?
    A: As of Feb 12th 2016 you can purchase enough Plays to rank in the Charts. Take advantage of this before they catch on, it won’t last forever. You should run your own tests to see if this is possible.
  6. Q: Are the Plays Real?
    A: Our system emulates a real person to inflate the counter. The counter is the only thing visible to a user, they’ll never know who is listening to your link.
  7. Q: How does having a higher Playcount help me?
    A: People listen to tracks that appear to be popular, the close to a Million you are the better your odds of getting organic followers.
  8. Q: How is your customer service?
    A: We answer every email we receive through our Contact Us form within a few hours.
  9. Q: Can you help me with my music tracks?
    A: We’ve compiled 7 things that you can do today to get Good Song Ideas.
  10. Q: Why is your pricing so cheap?
    A: We try to offer a competitive price based on what the market is offering.
  11. Q: Are there alternatives to get Soundcloud Plays?
    A: Quora save the best answer to free ways to promote your Track:

SoundCloud Case Study: How to your way into the Top 50 Charts

Learn how you can push your track into any Soundcloud categories Top 50 by simply gaining enough to compete with your competition. With our high quality service you’re able to increase your ranking within 24-48 hours. We randomly chose a Track to see what would happen if we sent it 20,000 listens, the results were Shocking! We moved the Track from the #50 position up into the 20th position. You can read the complete Case Study here: https://www.socialproof.xyz/soundcloud-case-study-buy-your-way-into-top-50-charts/

What do our Customers Think? (Reviews Below)

Soundcloud-Plays-Female-1-2My tracks look bigger than life now that I have over 100,000, hahaha

ch0rdsg0d – U.S.

Soundclouds-Plays-Female-2-1I’m getting more people listening to my track thanks to you guys



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