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Guide to Instagram Followers – All you need to know

(Last Updated On: March 6, 2019)

Introduction to Followers

buying real instagram followers cheapInstagram is one of the hottest ways for people to see who you are and what you do. No one will be able to see this, of course, if no one is there to follow you!

There are natural ways of building followers such as engaging with your audience by replying to them, posting interesting content that keeps them coming back for more and knowing who it is you want to be following you through endless research.

Sounds like a hell of a lot of work doesn’t it! Have you got time for that?

If only there was an easier way for you to build up an interactive following for your Instagram page! Luckily, there is a secret way some of the biggest names in Instagram have built up their follower count to incredible levels.

If you want to find out how to get these followers, read on and learn the not so well kept secret in social media circles that will boost your popularity and admiration.

Why do I need followers?

Why do I need followers on Instagram? Surely not that many people can be interested in my holiday snaps, pictures of food and photos of that time my cat looked adorable in a box?

There is a whole other aspect to the platform that goes beyond what you may think it is used for, but to get to that level you need followers. A high level of followers opens up many benefits for you.

For example, if you are a business with a large following the advertising possibilities are endless. A vast following means you can show numerous people what it is you do and what it is you want them to buy. If you want to sell your trendy sunglasses, for example, you can ensure that you have pictures of celebrities and models wearing them.

If however you have a personal account, in this day and age, a large social media following can catapult you to celebrity status. For example people like Teen heart throb Cameron Dallas, LEGO Comic creator Mark Hunter and David Beckham’s children Brooklyn and Romeo have gained their own celebrity success thanks in no small part to the use of Instagram.    

Either way, it really is possible for you to earn a living through Instagram.

How to buy Instagram followers?

It sounds good to have so many followers doesn’t it? But how do you get them?

As previously mentioned you can gain followers in an organic manner, through hard work, research and being interesting to your audience, the alternative, is to for your followers. But what does that mean exactly?

As it says on the tin, buying followers is exactly that.

You have 2 options of doing so, first is the cheap option. Some companies charge around $3 for 100 followers and $30 for 2,500 followers. This service is cheaper because it has what is known as “Bots” following you. They are simply fake accounts which offer no engagement and are just there to boost up your follower numbers.

However, many turn to more advanced services which operate numerous active Instagram pages which will interact with you and your page. Prices for this can range from $90 for 1,000 followers to $1,350 for 15,000 followers. A small price to pay for the potential come back if used in the right way.

I would definitely advice going the second route and here’s why… Large follower numbers are just that, but they won’t help you so much when it comes to growing your presence. Buying real Instagram followers however will have them interacting with you, adding to further growth of non paid for members which leads to more potential returns.

Who is paying for followers?

the reality of buying followersYour first question is bound to be, does this really work though? Why buy Instagram followers if I am not sure if they are actually worth it?

One of the biggest names in social media with over 73 Million fans is Kim Kardashian West. Following an Instagram purge in 2014, Kim K lost 1.3 Million of her followers in a single night. There are similar stories for celebrities such as; pop stars Rihanna, the current and former presidents of the United States Donald Trump and Barack Obama and even Justin Bieber.

Proven to be the biggest user of paying for followers is Katy Perry. In 2013 her Instagram was audited and a whopping 46% of her followers were paid for. The following year, Perry was found with having almost 300,000 paid for accounts.

These are some of the biggest celebrities around and even they saw the benefits of paying for Instagram followers as the business minds behind these media giants could see how this could increase their chances of making more money by reaching more people.

Ethics of Buying Instagram Followers

Following Instagram’s rules, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be buying followers to increase your numbers and engagement rate.  You are doing nothing wrong from your profile – again think of those celebrities that have done this, they wouldn’t risk losing their important business building profiles by breaking the rules.

You may find though that if Instagram notices a fake profile that has been made simply for this purpose they will deactivate the account as it gives them no benefits. This is not your problem!

With many of the pay for follower services, when you have paid for a certain number of followers, even when some get deactivated the system will kick back in and replace any followers that have been lost.

When your followers have been paid for, the number you have is safe and should not deteriorate.

When should I pay for followers?

If you are looking to sell yourself as a brand, an expert or attempting to become Instagram famous, you will want to buy followers as soon as you feel your profile is ready to be seen by the masses. One of the tedious tasks of getting followers is having to use a website or an app to make it happen. A more convenient way of adding followers to your page is to Automate your Followers. Use a service to drip daily followers to your page everyday for a month, this makes it easier and faster.

Once you pay for that boost of followers, with the idea being to get a bigger following, you will need to make sure your page is ready to be seen by potential clients.

If you are happy with how your profile looks and you believe it is ready to sell your brand, product or yourself, the quicker you get that boost from a thousand paid followers the quicker you will be making yourself some money out of yourself, brand or market.

Buy early and reap the rewards.


Following the trends of Katy Perry, Donald Trump, Barack Obama and the Beckham boys you need to get yourself a big amount of Instagram followers as quickly as possible so you can make money quicker. You can also build social proof and buy automatic Instagram likes and automatic Instagram views.

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Good luck in your social media mission to take it up a step