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Are You Using Facebook Ads to Bring in Facebook Sales?

(Last Updated On: March 6, 2019)

facebook salesIf Facebook ads aren’t part of your advertising strategy, your brand is missing out big time.

When it comes to online advertising, Facebook is a major player, and it’s changing the rules of the game.

With over 1.2 billion daily active users, the social networking company can help you to promote your brand to millions of people.

But you don’t just sign up for Facebook and achieve instance success. It takes time to get thousands of likes organically, and this is how Facebook ads come into play.

By using these ads, you can reach your target audience and raise brand awareness within a short time.

This article will show you how to advertise on Facebook, and provide pro tips and best practices for increasing Facebook sales.

Let’s dig in.

Benefits of Advertising on Facebook

Before we dive into the basics of advertising on Facebook, let’s look at the benefits of purchasing Facebook ads.

Are they worth your dollars?

Increase Facebook Sales Without Breaking the Bank

Advertising campaigns can cost top dollar.

To advertise on Times Square’s biggest billboard for a month, for instance, you will need to cough up $2.5 million. Prime-time TV ads will cost your about $400,000.

If you’re a small-league player with a tight ad budget, this is bad news.

But thanks to Facebook ads, you can cheaply reach millions of people and boost your Facebook sales. Facebook gives you the power to run campaigns that fit your budget, and you can spend as little as $1 a day!

Content Freedom

Many content marketers use a mix of visual and written content to get the best results.

While traditional advertising platforms such as magazines and radios typically support one content type, Facebook supports multiple formats.

You can use photos, videos, memes, blog posts and several other types and formats of content in your Facebook ads.

How convenient is that?

Refined Audience Reach

Facebook enables you to reach your target audience with sniper precision.

You can tailor your ads to reach people of a certain age or gender living in a certain location.

For example, if you run a Las Vegas-based fitness studio and spa for young women, you can customize your Facebook ads to reach women below the age of 35 living in Las Vegas.

In short, Facebook doesn’t only take your business to the doorsteps of your target audience: it also knocks and lets your brand in!

Measurable Ad Results

Even though radio, TV and newspaper ads have the potential to reach millions of people every day, you can’t really monitor the success of your ad.

On Facebook, however, you have the tools to monitor the performance of your ads…in real time.

Facebook Pixel monitors the exact number of people who are viewing your ads across several devices, and tracks the actions they take afterward.

With this kind of data at your disposal, you can point out the ads that are not working for your audience and adjust your strategy to increase Facebook sales accordingly.

How to Advertise on Facebook

With the advantages of Facebook advertising out of the way, you must be relishing the chance to launch a campaign already!

That’s okay, but don’t get high on excitement before you master how to screw the cogs that work behind a Facebook ad.

Here is your guide to creating a Facebook ad campaign.

Create a Facebook Page

Creating a Facebook page is completely free, and you can have as many brand pages as you wish, as long as they’re all under one personal account.

Be sure to select a page category that best describes your brand, fill out all the relevant brand details and upload a cover photo.

Define Your Ad Strategy

An ad strategy is a well-developed plan to reach your target audience and persuade them to perform a certain action.

It outlines the type of content you will use for the ads, how often the ads will run, and what you intend to achieve.

For example, an upcoming pop musician can advertise new music videos on Facebook with the aim of gaining 5,000-page likes within a month or driving traffic to his website.

Whatever your strategy is, it must be clearly defined.

Select an Objective for Your Ad Campaign

Next, access the Facebook ad manager on your page and choose an option that best matches your objective.

If your target is to generate interest in your personal or business brand, your objective would be to increase brand awareness.

You will also need to choose your preferred ad format, which can be photo, video, slideshow, canvas or carousel among others.

Lock in Your Target Audience

Here, you describe the people you’d love your Facebook ad to reach.

The custom audience feature enables you to:

  • Enter the name or zip code of a location
  • Select age and gender of a target audience
  • Enter languages spoken by a target audience
  • Search and select interests and behaviors.

There are several other advanced audience characteristics you can select depending on your needs.

Set Your Budget

With your target audience locked, it’s time to show Facebook the money.

This involves setting your budget for the ad, choosing whether you want to be charged for clicks or impressions, and scheduling when you want the ads to run.

If you let your ads run at specific times, set time-frames that will maximize views. For example, if the vast majority of your target audience likes to log into Facebook early in the day, set your ad to run around this time.

Create the Ad, Place Order and Track Results

This is where the fun happens.

Craft the headline and body text of your ad, and upload the images.

The number of images and the length of text is limited, so get creative with words and use high-quality, engaging photos or videos.

When you’re sure the ad can’t get any better, place the order and wait for Facebook to review and approve.

Once the ad goes live, use the ads manager to monitor its performance.

Logging Off…

In a world where everything is going digital, Facebook is the perfect platform to grow your brand or business.

It’s cheap, effective and fun.

However, newbies can struggle to get a hang of creating and launching high-impact campaigns. Don’t watch your advertising dollars go to waste while you can let social media marketing pros help you bring in more Facebook sales.