Free Instagram Desktop Browser App with DM

Now you can explore Instagram using a new Chrome Extension. Download here if you don’t want to Wait (Instagram Desktop)

With the Desktop App you can do the following

Instagram App

  1. Browse Instagram with bonus features
  2. Upload Photos directly from your Chrome Browser
    1. Create Posts from your Computer instead of using your Phone or App
  3. Direct Message users from your computer
    1. Keep in touch with your Followers directly from your Personal Computer
  4. Download Photos and Videos
    1. Save content from Instagram to your Hard Drive, Dropbox or any Cloud Service.
  5. Repost Instagram posts to your Page without using an App
  6. Schedule Posts and Reposts
  7. Get Engagement Rates of users posts
    1. Understand what posts get better engagement
    2. Repost higher engaged posts from your competition or people you follow in your niche.
  8. Keep the Instagram Browser App always on Top of your screen.
  9. Minimize the Instagram App to your preferred viewing screensize of 100%, 50%, 25% and iphone, ipad emulations.