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The Beauty of Instagram

Instagram is a fun and innovative way to share what you love most about your life, through a series of pictures and short videos. By snapping a photo with your mobile phone, selecting your favorite filter, and hitting the upload button, you are creating a memory that you can keep forever. Instagram posts range from just about anything you can think of including travel, fashion, food, animals.

With millions of active users, Instagram is among the most popular social media networks, giving individuals the opportunity to showcase what they love most through the sharing of photos and short video clips. One of the great benefits Instagram brings is free advertising. It is a great way to connect among those around you and convenient for businesses to promote their products and services, while making themselves known.

However, to bring awareness to your channel, you have to do a little bit more than upload posts; you want to be sure you have as many likes possible because the more Instagram likes you have, the greater your chances of increasing traffic to your photos, consequently attracting more followers. Acquiring such a large amount of likes, hence followers, can be a challenge. Of course, you could eventually build your way up to hundreds and thousands of followers, but this could take years.

We all know that more likes, comments, and follower’s, builds trust. This is why free Instagram likes is a shortcut to the same results, saving you time and potentially money. Not only this, but aside from a full time job, family, school, or daily duties, this may not be a top priority in our lives.   

How Much Do Free Likes Cost?

The acquiring of Instagram likes benefits any type of user and receiving free Instagram likes is now possible, thanks to our service. Our highly skilled team of 50 developers are always ready to give you a daily trial to grow your Instagram channel. We assure you that all your account information will be kept safe. Our free service increases traffic to your page, helping you rise above your competition.

We support most versions of Android and iOS devices, making this process easy for you. We focus on bringing viewers to your channel whether you are showcasing yourself, business, or hobbies. With the right amount of likes your photos may appear on Instagram’s front page. Before purchasing likes with real money, try before you buy right here on this page!

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Contrary to other networks, our services are completely free, giving your photos the love they deserve. We give away free likes to help promote your channel, connect with others, express yourself, generate sales, and simply bring more viewers to your visual content.

Contact us today for more information about how our free services can help your Instagram page thrive! If you are ready to indulge in our complimentary Instagram likes and enjoy the benefits, you can get started here. This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss out on, saving you time and money, while obtaining the desired results.

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It is amazing! It really boosted up my likes

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This has proved to be an essential business tool, I kid you not

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So fast and easy!

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Got free 100 likes a day!😍

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Want likes please

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Why are we being so Generous?

We’re experimenting with giving away Likes to get Reviews of our service. Chances are if you like what you get, then you might consider upgrading to our other services. Since we deliver your order extremely quick, we know you’ll be happy and want to come back every day for another boost to your posts.

Why is our service better than Like4Like, Instaliker and LikeforLike? Our service doesn’t require you to like other peoples posts, photos or videos. Our service is very simple, tell us which post you want likes and verify your email address, that’s it. Get Free Likes Fast!

Want More Likes, Views or Followers?

How to get Free Instagram Likes?

Here are a few ways and things you can do to get some additional Likes on your posts. These are some tips and tricks we’ve learned over the y ears that might help you get your pages to grow organically.

  • Use 11 Hashtags Per Post
  • Use Related Hashtags to attract relevant people to your page.
  • Try using the #SpamforSpam tag – like users photos and videos and they’ll return the favor, giving you a nice boost in likes, followers and hopefully comments.

How to get more Likes on Instagram Pictures

As you know Instagram is probably the most popular Social Platform right now, putting Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter aside, people are extremely active on the Instagram network. Initially Instagram was about posting photos and has since evolved to include Video and Carousel posts. One of the biggest challenges with any Social Account is getting people to visit and interact with your content. I’m going to help you with some free Tip and Tricks to give you a small advantage to gaining engagement and hopefully more followers.

  1. Hashtags – The easiest way to grow your account is to use the tools that Instagram provides within the App itself. One of the features we all know about is the hashtag. Using relevant Hashtags with each post is a must. When using a #hashtag with your posts will include your picture in that category. If you photo or video is in a relevant category, users who enjoy that type of content will be able to discover you.
  2. How many Hashtags? – Instagram allows you to use a maximum of 30 hashtags“You can use up to 30 tags on a post. If you include more than 30 tags on a single photo/video, your comment won’t post.” Just because you’re able to use that many, doesn’t mean you should, infact the perfect amount is closet to only eleven tags. A company recently did some research and found 11 to be the optimal number to use, especially for users with under 1,000 followers.
  3. Which tags should I use? – The first rule is to use the Tags that are related to what you’re posting. If you post a photo of your Cat, you’re going to want to use the #cat tag and any related tags that match your theme. Besides the obvious hashtags, you can also consider using the Popular tags that get the most traffic to the Category Pages, tags like #love #instagood, #me, #cute, #selfie. Naturally you would use the ones that work with what you’re trying to post.
  4. Post GREAT pictures or Videos – The reputation of your page is only as good as the content you post. The higher the quality, the more likely you will gain followers. It’s important to have the highest quality pictures, especially with resolution of todays phones and devices. People naturally will like the higher quality, high resolution content over people use use grainy or blurry posts.
  5. Committing to a Niche – Unless you’re a Celebrity or a person that is popular in society, you should commit to a Niche. Creating a page that is dedicated to a theme or an idea can really help you grow much faster. Is you use the proper Hashtags that are associated with your Theme, your page will be more attractive to similar people. A page about Cats, a page dedicated to Horses are types of Niches you could consider. You can also take it a step further by creating a sub-niche like “Funny Cat Videos”, by creating a smaller niche you’ll increase your chances of having less competition and growing your page to hardcore Cat fans.

These are some basic common sense ideas to help you build your page. If you’re lazy like me you can simply buy your Instagram Likes or use a service that will Automate the Likes Process for each Post. Believe it or not, some of the biggest pages on Instagram started by using purchased likes, followers, comments and various other marketing ideas.

How to use the #spamforspam hashtag to increase your Likes.

Have you ever noticed a user who likes all of your photos? You get an Instagram Notification telling you someone is liking 10-30+ of your posts? If you haven’t then you might not be using the SpamForSpam hashtag and related tags. This tag is reserved for getting users to spam like to your page and posts. The idea is pretty simple, whenever you use this #hashtag you putting your post into the Spam category. People watching this category will come to you page and like a lot of your posts to help you get more Like count up. They expect you to return the Favor. Whenever a user likes more than 3 of your photos, you need to visit their page and reciprocate. Like their posts in exchange, that’s the idea behind this Tag.

Steps to using the #spamforspam to get free likes.

  1. Whenever you post include the #spamforspam hashtag as well as the related tags such as: #spam4spam #spamme #spamforfollow #spamforspamback and lastly #spamforlikes. Keep in mind you can use upto 30 Hashtags in total per post.
    The Hashtag has 20 Million Posts!
    Related Tags you should also consider using!
  2. After you make your post which included the mentioned Tags, you need to give back to users who interact with your content by going to their Page. Visit their page and make sure to like as many Photos as they did for you. You can even give back more to them hoping they will give you more likes, you might even gain a follower.
    Be sure to always give back, this is one of the easiest ways to start getting more Likes on your Posts.
    Be sure to click the Heart on the Post, then go back to the Page and repeat until you’ve liked 10-30 photos or videos.

It’s a simple trick but a little short sided. This method of increasing your likes across all your posts works pretty well but there are some drawbacks. Some of the drawback are the following issues:

  1. It’s a lot of work, you have to really work hard at interacting with the users pages to get them to notice you.
  2. Not all users whos Posts you like will reciprocate back to you.
  3. The amount of likes you will get isn’t a lot, but it is nice to see some movement on your posts.
  4. Unless the user becomes your follower, they will never visit your page again. You need a more permanent way to have more likes.
  5. If all else fails you can always download the SocialProof AutoLiker APK for Android users, you can get new Likes every day.
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