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Free Instagram Stats by SocialProof

Do you want to know how popular your Instagram Page is? Maybe you'd like some statistics that actually make sense.

With just your Username we're able to give you insights into how an Page is doing compared to others. This type of analytics is exclusive to this site and is available for Free. All we ask is for a rating of 10 (We'll settle for a 5 star rating if we deserve it).

You get the following Information:

  • Post Frequency of the User.
  • Last date there was a Post.
  • Average number of Likes the user gets across the last 20 posts.
  • The average number of Hashtags used.
  • The most popular Hashtags Analytics a users uses.
  • Average comments stats.
  • The most viewed people on Instagram
  • Recently viewed pages
  • Leave a message at Support with any other statistics you'd like to have added.

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