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How to get more views for your Dailymotion video

(Last Updated On: March 6, 2019)

dailymotionDailymotion is one of the world’s biggest video sharing platforms on which users can upload, watch and share videos. In order to maximise views, users should understand that Dailymotion videos tend not to rank high on Google. However the Dailymotion site permits users to find videos on site by searching according to keyword, tags or channels and the site has a growing and committed following. You can boost traffic and engagement to your Dailymotion videos using similar tactics to those used for marketing YouTube videos. It is also important to remember that in order to increase the number of clicks you must first generate traffic. Traffic can then be converted to clicks, likes, shares and comments. To get more views follow the tips below.

High quality content

Regardless of the strategies you use, your videos must be high quality. Uploads should be funny or relevant or preferably both to attract clicks and hold onto viewers. One advantage of Dailymotion is the administrators are more lenient in terms copyright and of what video content is allowed. Dailymotion administrators are also less strict in terms of adult content which may allow scope for stimulating and eye-catching content.

Strong Titles

You need to use strong, interesting titles that inform your viewers and describe clearly what the video is about to get more views. It is important that the description is at least 300 words long to increase your ranking. Your title should be brief and to the point. Ideally titles should pique viewers’ curiosity without giving too much away. Provocative titles, which draw viewers in to find out more, known as clickbait, are effective if executed well.

Strong tags and keywords.

The video description should contain appropriate specific keywords to increase the traffic you receive through the site’s own search function. Interesting, popular and relevant tags are also important. Make use of all of the relevant keywords from your description and title in the tags section. The search system delivers results based on other users’ searches also making strong tags and keywords vital. This will drive more search traffic to your video from Dailymotion’s search function. More views will drive your video up the search rankings which in turn will help you achieve more views.

Embed your videos on your website or blob.

You should embed the video on your own blog or website. Google and other search engines favor Youtube so you will not generate large numbers of clicks using these engines. However you can exploit the SEO on your own website or blog to drive traffic to your video. You can also post the link directly onto your social media platforms.

Share the link on social media

Maximize your clicks and the chance of your video going viral by ensuring your fans across other social media platforms know about your video. Let your fans know you have posted it once you upload the video and ask your followers to share and like it. You can’t embed videos for fans in Twitter. This is why it’s vital to embed the videos on your own website You can share it a number of times but avoid bombarding your fans and followers with links or they will begin to see your posts as spam. Invite comment on Dailymotion and the other social media including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram and make sure you engage and respond. You can also share your video on assorted forums such as Reddit. Take care not to violate their spam policies or you could end up banned.

Buying Dailymotion views.

Buying views is a rapid and effective method of building your Dailymotion presence by employing the social proof concept. Simply put, if people believe your video is popular, that other people are watching your video, they are encouraged to watch it. This can really help to gain traction. To avoid having your account banned only buy clicks from quality suppliers who are less likely to be detected than low rent operators.

Build a recognizable brand.

Dailymotion is a niche market. In order to gain clicks, your video channel should also be niche and provide a predictable and consistent type of video. A loyal audience that engages regularly with your uploads is of much more value than occasional one off viewers. You cannot build a loyal audience with a series of disconnected and random uploads. A strong channel description which employs specific keywords is also important. this will help your channel to feature in searches by Dailymotion viewers. The need for a unique selling point is of course true of all online marketing but it’s especially important to have a clear and recognizable brand and focus on Dailymotion.

Increasing your Dailymotion presence requires a strategic approach. Follow the steps above to grow your Dailymotion presence and increase your number of views in a short period of time.