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How Social Signals Will Boost Your Organic Rankings

(Last Updated On: November 22, 2016)

Remember when Facebook was just for college students?

It was a special club for those who had a .edu email address. Only your college friends were there. You didn’t see your mom, your boss, your grandma, or your local grocery store on Facebook.

Today, things are a little different. Facebook was just the beginning of a revolution. Twitter popped up, then Google +, and then a plethora of lesser lights. A good five years ago, Facebook started the Pages service. This opened the door for businesses of all kinds to take advantage of social media connectivity.

How then does the social media world impact organic SERP rankings? Social signals.

But what exactly are social signals? And how do they work in your favor? Here at Social Proof, we have the answer. Just read on and find out.

Boosting Rankings Through Social Signals: So, What is a Social Signal?

Social SignalsGoogle is well known for its meddling in search engine rankings. It has an algorithm that processes websites. Those websites rank according to what the GoogleBot finds. You could be high on the rankings or you could be dead.

In the sea of the internet, not ranking high is death.

Bing, on the other hand, has a less robust algorithm. It does similar things with slightly less accuracy. The biggest thing Bing does slightly better is social signals. Bing’s algorithm considers social signals. But it also adds social media results in its search results.

So, then how do search engines use social signals?

There is a strong correlation between social signals and SERP ranking. This leads many to conclude that Google and Bing incorporate social into their algorithm.

Where does social impact the search rankings?

The number of people that like your brand on Facebook factors in. The number of Facebook shares, the number of twitter followers. Tweets mentioning your brand. Tweets with a link to your website. People who have you in their Google + Circles.

All of these could very well impact your SERPs. Either for better or worse.

How Do Social Signals Boost Your Ranking?

How much does your brand interact with social media? Do you have a Facebook Page? Are you on a schedule to post on social media throughout the day?

These things could boost your SERP. But what kinds of benefits will your brand encounter along the way?

Let’s take a look.

Gain Some Authority

Better social signals might increase your domain authority. There is certainly a correlation. The more traffic runs through your site from social, the better your value and authority.

Google seems to be recognizing social signals as brand signals. Of course, Google has its own social network. Without a doubt, their network plays a very large role in brand authority. Make sure you are networking through Google + along with other social media platforms.

Links, Links, and More Links

Google inherently uses back links in its algorithm. They vet links by examining the source. Does the link lead to its intended destination? Is the destination a trusted source?

As you can imagine, major social media sites hold massive amounts of authority. You can leverage this authority by linking back to your social media posts as long as they are relevant.

Now they may not still carry as much weight as traditional editorial links and citations. But they will always be a good strategy.

Make sure you are prepared. Optimize your pages to track incoming traffic. Especially optimize to track traffic from your social channels.

Many people forget to optimize their social media pages for SEO ranking. If you are going to rely partly on social signals, you need to optimize. Check your bios and your profiles. Make sure they include links back to your site.

Heed the Traffic

Social Media drives at least 30% of all traffic to websites. This is significant enough to pay attention.

If you have a flesh and blood human being running your social channel, chances are your engagement is high. Google likes to see this coming through their links.

Here is where quality content comes in. You want engagement, sure. But you want people to spread your content across the internet. Social signals sometimes turn into shared content. Take advantage of this and make your content great.


One thing we know for sure, Google has access to Twitter. If you want a surefire way to boost your SERP, make it big on Twitter.

The fact that Google now indexes Twitter is a good thing for you. If you have a natural talent for 140 character content, you might find your brand at the top of Twitter in no time. One of the key metrics they look at is Twitter Likes, the easiest way to increase this engagment is to Buy Fast Twitter Likes using a reputable service.

As before, you are going to need all hands on deck to make this a reality. Google is indexing Twitter like they index the rest of the web. This means that your effort counts. Make your engagement high. Then zone in on making quality tweets that will bring people back for more.

Grab the Spike

Be ready. When the effects of your strong social signals hit, you need to be at the helm. You will need to attract people to your sales page. You may see a temporary boost in your sales. Don’t panic if they slump afterward. You will see an upward trend as your SERP increases.

Conclusion: Don’t Give Up

If you are seeing any sort of success, that is a good thing. Make sure you follow up and keep at it.

If you really believe in what you are doing it’s probably worth sharing. Some things only reach mild success before taking off like a rocket. Remember that your main goal here is to boost rankings. Once you have your rankings in order, you are in a better position to make a go at success.

Sometimes all you need is another day or a few more tweets. Even then, you might need a boost from third parties.

Make sure you take help from reputable people. They will give you quality content and lifelong rewards. Now get out there and boost your SERP.