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How to increase Sales on Etsy with Facebook Likes

(Last Updated On: March 6, 2019)

Etsy-LogoAn overlooked Marketing effort to help you increase your sales is through the power of Social Proof. Through the use of a simple technique you can help your Etsy Page and Item pages have more Social Proof using Social Signals. The more popular your Pages look, the more likely someone will Trust and Buy from you!

What does this all mean, Social Proof, Social Signals?

“Social proof, also known as informational social influence, is a psychological phenomenon where people assume the actions of others in an attempt to reflect correct behavior for a given situation.” –  Souce

The easiest way to improve your Social Proof on your Etsy page and iTem pages is by using Facebook Likes.

Etsy displays your Facebook Likes in two different places:

Facebook Likes are displayed on the Shop page:



Facebook Likes are displayed on each iTem page:


Would you buy from a Shop with ONE Facebook Like or someone with 1,000’s of Likes?


How do you increase your Likes?

Besides the traditional process of buying ads for each item on Facebook you can use a shortcut to help give each item a boost using Social Signals.

To increase your likes you will want to use a service called “Facebook Website Likes“. You’ll want to purchase more likes for each item as you post them on Etsy.


If you’re looking to have a competitive edge over your competition this is the fastest way to increase sales and visibility. The more likes you have on an item the higher chances you will have of attracting a sale.

This is especially effective for new items you’re listing. Since you won’t have a lot of sales showing any feedback, adding a few hundred Likes to increase the popularity of your product could go a long ways in attracting organic sales.

This is one small thing you can do to increase your Social Proof.

Here’s a good Article from the Etsy community where they discuss how their Facebook Likes affect their sales.