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Instagram Marketing Business Tips

(Last Updated On: March 6, 2019)

Instagram has grown exponentially since its launch in 2010, along with thousands of brands that rode with it’s popularity. They took advantage of the now mammoth photo and video sharing platform. Instagram marketing has never been more crucial for big and small businesses alike. Brands that developed a consistent and effective Instagram marketing strategy have seen incredible growth both in consumer relations and revenue.

Marketing on Instagram is bound to grow more, so here we will share Instagram statistics for business, and how to create a business Instagram account. We will even go over Instagram marketing tips for business to give you that push you need to start Instagram marketing. So let’s dive in!How to Best Market Your Business on Instagram

Instagram Statistics for Business

Statistics have a way of driving home important marketing trends. Here are some Instagram statistics for business to convince you why you need to start promoting your business on Instagram:

1. Instagram has over 500 million monthly users. There are also over 300 million users who connect on their platform daily.

2. Almost 30% of the American population is active on Instagram.

3. About 48.8% of brands are marketing on Instagram, and this is expected to reach 70.7% by the end of 2017.

4. Top brands post roughly five times a week on Instagram.

5. 75% of Instagram users knowingly interact with intended marketing actions like clicking a link or visiting a website after seeing an advertising post.

6. Brands with over 100k Instagram followers have grown by 163% in the last two years. This percentage is also continually increasing.

7. A 2014 study found that user engagement rates on Instagram are 20 times higher than Twitter and 15 times higher than Facebook. This means that for users like you, there are higher chances of getting a comment or like on Instagram than on Facebook or Twitter.

These are just seven Instagram statistics for businesses. This is just the tip of Instagram’s potential and power for business marketing. Already sold on using this social site? Read on for an easy 4-step guide on how to create a business Instagram account.

How to Create a Business Instagram Account

Instagram Marketing Tips and TricksStep #1: The first thing you want to do when starting Instagram marketing is to download the app and create a personal account. This won’t cost you a penny. You can sign up with your Facebook account, but you’ll still need to create a username and password.

Step #2: Then you need to convert the account to a “business account” to get access to Instagram analytics and insights. To do this, connect your account to your business Facebook page by going to the “Settings” and choosing “Switch to Business Profile”.

Step #3: Once that’s done, go to your Profile tab and tap the “Edit Your Profile” icon where you can change your name, profile picture, username, and add a website with a short description.

Step #4: Then publish your first post!

These four steps on how to create a business Instagram account are incredibly easy, but effective Instagram marketing takes a lot more than that. Instagram marketing tips for businesses are abound, and you need to make use of these to ensure that you’re doing the right things.

Instagram Marketing Tips for Business

1. Tell Stories and Be Visually Tantalizing

Instagram users love stunning visuals that tell a story. Take them behind the scenes of your business. If you’re a restaurant, Instagram users would love to see photos of your kitchen crew in action. These kinds of photos will make them feel closer and more acquainted with your business, encouraging them to try your services. Also, Instagram is all about visuals. Nail down how to create stunning imagery and your followers will surely appreciate seeing you on their feed. Make sure the visuals are clear, high definition, and gives off a particular mood that aligns with your brand.

2. Add Value to Your Users

This is an all-important goal for any social media marketing efforts. Marketing on Instagram will be successful if you know how to add value to your readers. Publish posts that will help improve their lives, provide solutions to their problems, or inspire them in many ways. These kinds of posts are a welcome treat for online users who are constantly bombarded with advertisements that don’t seem to offer anything of real value to them.The Best Instagram Marketing Techniques

3. Don’t Flood Your Followers

Perhaps one of the best things you can do concerning customer relations is to avoid flooding and overwhelming your users with new posts every hour. You want to stay relevant without being annoying. So what you can do is to follow the general practice of the top brands who post about 5 times a week. Then experiment with the frequency of your posts until you find what works for you.

4. Stay Updated on New Instagram Statistics for Business

The importance of staying on top of trends is probably not new to you. Keeping track of Instagram statistics for business and thinking about how you can use these to your advantage. This is crucial for marketing in a fast-changing marketing channel. Instagram statistics for business will give you ideas on better strategies, new techniques to apply, and new opportunities for marketing.

5. Re-Purpose or Curate Content from Other Popular Accounts

Successful marketing on Instagram needs consistent posts, and it’s understandable that our creative juices will run out from time to time. That’s where re-purposing or curating content come in handy. As long as you tag or mention the original poster, this is a completely ethical marketing practice. Just make sure that the posts you’re re-purposing or curating are relevant to your followers.

6. Use Free Instagram Tools to Analyze Your Success

Use Instagram Marketing to Increase Your Online BrandOne of the best Instagram marketing tips for business that we can give you is to consistently measure your success. Instagram’s free analytics tools will give you real data about your users – their demographics, behaviors, and other data pertinent to your success. Keep track of your engagement rates, number and growth of followers. It is also important to keep track of which posts performed well and which posts did not. Measuring your results will show you what works for your business so you can tweak some of these Instagram marketing tips for business to fit your needs.

Final Thoughts

Instagram statistics for business show us that Instagram Marketing is not optional anymore. Instagram’s has an expanding user base that any business can take advantage of. Instagram marketing is also a cost-effective way of getting your name out there. It provides you a unique platform where you can directly engage with users by providing useful and well-designed posts. Effective marketing on Instagram will grow your brand in ways you’ve never imagined before, so with these Instagram marketing tips for business, start conquering this platform now.