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Instagram Traffic Statistics & Analytics for Free

(Last Updated On: April 8, 2019)

We’re happy to announce some great new features to SocialProof. Today we launched the beginning stages of our Free Stats and Analytics service. Our Free Instagram Stats page is live and ready to be used. It updates in real time so you never miss anything.

instagram-stats-socialproofWe’ve managed to dissect and spit out some really cool information you can actually use about your Instagram Page, or maybe you’re curious about your favorite Celebrities page?

The good news is we don’t even need your login info. By simply providing the Username of the page you want to check, we can return a series of analytics for you to pour over.

We can give you a wealth of information like:

  1. When was the last time this user posted a new video or photo?
  2. What is their Post frequency?
  3. How many Likes do they average per post?
  4. Find out what Hashtags they prefer. (Hint: A good growth hack to help you know how they are growing their page)
  5. The average comments per post. (Helps you see their engagement)

Upcoming Analysis and Traffic Statistics:

We will be implementing new features like the following types of metrics you can use.

  1. Number of followers an account has.
  2. Who has followed you today, yesterday, this week.
  3. Who has unfollowed you.
  4. Which followers don’t interact with your posts, i.e. Ghost Follower Tracker.
  5. We’ll provide a live graph showing you in real time how many likes a site is getting.
  6. Is the site growing or dying based on number of followers.
  7. What are the best days to post in order to get more likes or views.
  8. What the the most popular days to post?

By looking at your competition or similar niche pages you can figure out how they are growing. Once you have visibility you can make better decisions with your own Account using our Insights.