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Most Liked Digital Artists on Instagram

(Last Updated On: March 6, 2019)

Instagram is among the most popular and well known social networks. It is a platform for sharing photos especially for artists who are using it to market their works and also enable followers get to choose the best artists to follow as per their art. Instagram is becoming more of art dealer as allows artists to show their artwork. Below is a list of the top ten artists as per number of followers in Instagram.

1.) JR. – JR is a photographer. For the previous two months, he has been selected twice as the best wall artist in the week. His popularity originates from his behavior of posting any work he has whenever in progress. This has made him productive constantly hence the top position in top ten list of artists in Instagram. JR is just more than a perfect photographer who gives you the opportunity to enjoy many interesting life moments captured by the artistic keen eye he has. He currently has 992 thousand followers.

2.) KAWS – Popularly known as the artist with no borders. KAWS produces fine art through interactions with customer products and the collaborations with products with global brands. This makes it to occupy the complex known global market. KAWS posts in Instagram show his believe in that there is no difference between producing art and showcasing it in a wider culture. Current followers are 704 thousand followers.

3.) Daniel Arsham. – Daniel is an American artist who is coming up faster into the world of art. His designs are sculptural, architectural cutting-edge and incredible. He is just like a crafty magician whose work put on drawing, sculpture and performance is excellent. Daniel is being followed by 259 thousand followers.

4.) David Choe. – David is a Korean whose life is as colorful and interesting as his own artwork. David’s post in Instagram’s majors on videos of himself working on murals as preferred to pictures of such work. His works are delicate and kaleidoscopic. His pictures posts on Instagram are of his family and friends. Choe has 184 thousand followers currently.

5.) Pixel Pancho. – Pixel is a street artist from Italy. He is specialized in designing large murals for walls in addition to robotic imagery which are distinctive. In his design, Pixel uses various mediums which include wall painting, tiles, poster or sticker art. Instagram page provides a collection of the robotic creatures created by Pancho. He has 116 thousand followers.

6.) Monsieur A. – Monsieur is a graffiti artist, a creative director of L’Officiel Hommes and an international entrepreneur of nightlife. This is a fashionable man from France who is devoted to give best to his hotspot club especially for his followers. His current followers are 88 thousand.

7.) Cyrcle – Cyrcle is an artist group made of two men who work with the motto, never die and are known for their expertise in street art. This artist is stylish, different and dynamic. Their art work blurs urban world lines through design, street campaigns, collaborations, fine art and murals. The art work of cyrcle rotates in the questions of duality, human condition and life through many metaphors. His artwork has attracted 41.1 thousand followers and averages 200+ Likes per post.

8.) DALeast. – DALeast is defined as master of illusion. He is among the well-known prolific artists. He achieves his illusions by combining with skills layering and lines which leaves followers breathless. His images appear like they are walking out of canvas or walls as he uses dark bases concurrently with fragments highlighted with brighter lines. He currently has 40.1 thousand followers.

9.) Evoca 1. – Evoca 1 is not only an artist but also a designer and a figurative painter. He is such a daring man who is so humanitarian hence merges humanity and art together. His nickname has made his art grow as it means to evoke hence he works towards expressing his activism in improving public awareness on the difficulties that come along with impoverished. Individuals like his art work as it is a real definition of the believe that social commitment and artwork work hand in hand. Evoca 1 is been followed by 23.8 thousand followers.

10.) Sickboy. – Sickboy has emerged from infamous Bristol’s scene. He had been a street art painter since 1995. He paints also on canvas and exhibits well in galleries of art. He is the first known British artist to use for a tag, pictorial logo. Sickboy is currently followed by 9,339 followers.