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The most liked Video pages on Instagram

(Last Updated On: March 6, 2019)

intagram-liked-photographJust as surely as day follows dark, you had to foresee videos being posted to Instagram. Remember that Instagram was created for still photography, but since photography itself has taken so many directions over the past few years, it only follows that videos have given new life to the social media. And with the number of so many creative videographers out there, it only seems natural that Instagram would bloom with video pages. In an effort to cut down on the work you do to find the very best, this post will show you the most liked video pages on Instagram.

Top Instagram Vid Users to Follow:

  1. fun_bestvids – 6.7M followers, Here’s another one that’s likely to keep you in stitches with the hilariously funny videos from all over. There is very little staged here. Instead, everything that is posted here is just people being people, and being atrociously funny doing it.
  2. houseofhighlightshouseofhighlights – 5.2M followers and averages half a million views per post, If you like sports and you would love the opportunity to show your friends that impossible shot that was made last night in the game, houseofhighlights will be just the resource you needs. This entire page has nothing but the best of game highlights going back an indefinite period of time. For some reason, it’s got an overabundance of basketball clips, but regardless, they are wonderful to watch. If you like basketball, you will find yourself blocking out lots of time for this one.
  3. bestvinesnow – 4.8 Million Followers, This is a great collection of the funniest Vine videos. The page is dedicated to Vine clips that have been posted to Instagram. You’ll find a wide assortment of Funny, Hilarious and some painful vids. Some of the posts can exceed over 500,000 Likes, this shows you how popular the page is.
  4. videos_cake – 551K followers, Do you need a sugar fix? Got a sweet tooth? Videos_cake is full of cool videos that show nothing but cakes and how they are made with each post automatically getting viewed by thousands. This goes for not only the cake, but the techniques used to decorate them as well. Prepare to be transfixed by what you find here.
  5. cutecouples.videos – 369K followers, If there’s anything cuter than a video of puppies, it’s a video of puppy love, and this video page has plenty of them. This one is literally loaded with all sorts of videos of people in love expressing their love in the most darling of ways.

It’s probably not news, but there is so much on Instagram in the way of videos that it is almost impossible to find everything. Fortunately through the use of Hashtag Search and various blog posts you can find the Top Videos on Instagram with a little effort.