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4 Tools for Your Twitter Strategy

(Last Updated On: June 13, 2019)

We all know how important social media marketing is.

Whether it’s a brand, small business, large business, or social media presence you’re marketing, having a conversion-friendly social media plan with a Twitter strategy can make or break you.

It may seem like user-friendly social media platforms like Twitter would be a total piece of cake to work with, but that’s not always the case. While Twitter is a microblogging platform where simplicity is everything, mastering simplicity and accessibility is usually not so simple.

Not to worry. We’re here to break all that down for you. Read on for a Twitter strategy deep dive that will have you well on your way to becoming a Twitter marketing machine.

Why Use Twitter For Social Media Marketing?

Twitter ToolsEvery business owner or individual with a brand is confronted with an enormous world of social media. Making the choice of which ones to use, if not all of them, can be a bit difficult to figure out.

No matter what your business or brand is, Twitter should absolutely be one of your choices.

There are a ton of reasons why you should use Twitter to market your brand or business. Let’s start with the big ones:

  • Quickly and easily connect with audiences
  • Twitter is pretty much free advertising
  • Receive feedback from your audience via Twitter, including reviews of your products or questions about your brand
  • Manage and generate popularity on your own (or with some help)
  • Post coupon codes, promotions, and other business-related goodies through Twitter.
  • Keep an eye on your competitors that also have Twitter accounts.

What’s not to love about marketing through Twitter?

Whether you wish to rely on an outside trustworthy company to help you with Twitter marketing or you want to give it a go yourself, these four tools will help you use Twitter at maximum capacity.

Four Tools For Strong Twitter Marketing

If you have a Twitter account, have you ever found yourself struggling to find an idea of what to post? Have you wondered if it’s possible to track how far of a reach one of your posts had? Twitter tools can make all the difference in your social media marketing experience!

Now that you have a better idea of why Twitter marketing is so important, let’s get into some tools that will help you better manage your brand or business on the microblogging platform.

ManageFlitter – Account Management At Its Best

ManageFlitter is a fantastic tool that allows you to manage several Twitter profiles with ease. With this tool, you can organize your followers (and “following” list) using different tags.

The purpose of ManageFlitter is to allow you to encounter new demographics of people and to schedule the most visible time to post in order for those people to see your posts.

You can also use ManageFlitter’s “PowerPost” function that will allow you to post your content on Twitter at times of high traffic and account activity.

ManageFlitter also tracks accounts that unfollow you and allows you to browse tweets on specific accounts more easily.

You can also use the tool’s analytics function to better track hashtags, usernames, and keywords that you use to market your brand or business.

Luckily this tool is totally free for specific features, and upgrading to a premium account with allow you to access their more advanced and niche features.

Similar tools to ManageFlitter are HootSuiteFriendOrFollow, and Tweepi.

Buffer – The Time Management We All Wish We Could Master On Our Own

Buffer has been used by Twitter celebrities like @jaybaer and @askaaronlee.

Buffer is a tool that simply and easily lets you schedule your tweets to be posted throughout the day instead of all at once.

Trust me, nobody enjoys browsing through their feed and having to aggressively scroll down over and over to escape a user’s tornado of tweets posted one after the other.

The smartest way to get people to read your Twitter content is to distribute that content evenly throughout the day, or by posting a small handful of tweets during times of high traffic and login activity.

Buffer also has a fantastic analytics feature that will allow you to see exactly what you Twitter audience enjoys and which posts they don’t particularly like.

Similar tools to Buffer are Jarvis, Hootsuite, and Stacker.

Keyhole – Keep Track of Mentions and Monitor Your Brand Or Business

Keyhole is an exceptional tool for tracking just about anything you’d need to track via Twitter. With this tool, you can track certain hashtags, accounts, keywords, mentions, and URL shares.

When trying to get a feel for what your audience wants to see and what they ignore, having a tool like Keyhole can be a lifesaver.

Keyhole’s Hashtag and Keyword Tracking feature helps you track any and all posts that have hashtags you’re interested in (or hashtags you’ve created) as well as keywords of interest in real-time.

The Historical Data feature is handy for cleaning up your brand and allows you to access old data all the way back to your first ever Twitter post that uses a hashtag or keyword.

The Account Tracking option lets you track all accounts and posts under your brand’s umbrella, as well as accounts and posts of your competitors. All in real-time.

Similar apps to Keyhole are Warble and Twilert,.

Tweetdeck – The Ultimate Twitter Client

While generating and perfecting Twitter content is what creates an audience for your brand, being able to see what other users (including your competitors) are posting, how they post it, and how well-received their posts are is another crucial element to a good Twitter strategy.

Tweetdeck is a great Twitter client that allows you to view your Twitter stream, organize and track posts, and divide your Twitter feed into different columns for different things based on keywords, hashtags, and account categories.

Pretty handy, right?

This app would be great for business and brand purposes but also for personal Twitter entertainment use. You can use Tweetdeck as an app or as a desktop version.

Similar tools to Tweetdeck are YoruFukurou, Happy Friends, and Twitterific.

Are You Ready To Start Tweeting The Right Way?

Now that you have some knowledge of how to use Twitter to your benefit and you have the tools to help you do so, you’re ready to start using the platform to improve your brand and become much more popular.

The days of inactive and inefficient Twitter accounts are behind you! Congratulations. Now get to tweeting!

Do you use any other Twitter tools for marketing? We want to hear about them in the comments!