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Ways to Grow your Instagram Followers

(Last Updated On: June 13, 2019)

Instagram has over 400 million members. That’s according to data from the year 2015. That means that its members exceed the population of the United States. Instagram members also post more that 80 million videos and photos every day.

instagram-videos-now-availableThese videos and pictures collect over 3.5 billion Likes every day. That means for your videos to get views, you must have marketing tactics that will make them visible. Fortunately, this guide gives you 5 tips for increasing video views on Instagram.

They 5 Ways to Increase Video Views organically Are:

  1. Editing
    1. One way to increase your Instagram video viewing is by editing them before posting. That enables you to post attractive videos from your Smartphones, Tablets or Internet-enabled computers.
    2. Many apps can help you in editing your videos.
    3. Here are tips to edit your IG Story like a professional.
  2. Share your video URL on other Social Media platforms
    1. Share your video URL on various other platforms like:
      1. Facebook
      2. Tumblr
      3. Pinterest
      4. Twitter
    2. When sharing your Post on Facebook ro Pinterest, make sure to use Hashtags that represent what your content is about to gain the most exposure.
  3. Call to Action Messages
    1. Using a call to action message in your videos. This will enable you to get increased video views by asking for the View.
    2. Consider offering discounts to subscribers who share your videos. You should also encourage them to sign up and share your videos.
  4. Use Hashtags
    1.  Another tactic is to utilize hashtags. Getting your video organized by hashtag will expose it to interested people in your niche.
    2. Avoid using them in excess as it leads to your videos looking less appealing.
    3. It’s recommended you only use 3-5 hashtags per post to keep it from appearing to spam like.
  5. Incentives
    1. You should also try to offer value to your viewers by posting informative videos. That’s because it gives you an opportunity to provide links that direct them to your website.
    2. Keep in mind that people prefer viewing videos that are related to their day to day activities.


Increasing your video views on Instagram should be easier using the above guide. The key points to remember are using the call to action messages and posting informative videos with the appropriate hashtags.