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7 Ways to Sell More on Social Media

(Last Updated On: March 6, 2019)

sell on social mediaIt’s pretty obvious that the days of cold calling and door to door sales are both useless and over.

Social media has become such a powerful tool in today’s world.

People are constantly on their phones, checking their social media profiles. As a result, social media is the most beneficial way to get a message across to a wide audience.

If you’re looking to increase your target sales, the best way to do that is by selling on social media.

Jamie Shanks, of Sales for Life, did a study, where he found that for every $1 he invested into selling on social media, he was able to make a profit of $5. Amazing, right?

With the ability to like, comment, and share posts, your products will spread a lot quicker because your advertisements become more audience interactive.

However, to sell on social media is a lot different than you’re prehistoric telemarketing techniques.

To sell on social media is more of an art, if you will.

Want to know how to achieve success selling on social media? Check out our 7 simple ways to sell on social media:

1. Determine Which Social Media Platforms Your Customers Use

The first step to getting your product noticed and sell on social media is to figure out which social media platforms your customers like to use the most.

Are your customers using Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram?

If your product is geared towards helping people with their job hunt or boosting their resumes, maybe your target audience is using Linkedin more than other social media platforms, like Facebook or Twitter.

Is your product targeting a younger audience or an older one? If you’re targeting teens, you may find more potential customers on Instagram.

Research which platforms your consumers are using before beginning to spend time to figure out how to sell on social media.

2. Sell on Social Media Directly

Now that you’ve figured out which platform your customers are using the most, the next step to sell on social media is to utilize the selling tools that already exist on these sites.

For example, Facebook now has its own “Marketplace,” where users can buy and sell products to each other very easily and close to the areas where they live.

In addition, Instagram now gives its users the best of a visual shopping experience.

In a sponsored ad for one of your products, attach Instagram’s “shop now” button to allow your customers to immediately buy the product that they loved.

You want to make it as easy as possible for your customers to buy your products.

People nowadays do everything quickly and right away. If they like your product, they’ll want it now.

Putting your product on Facebook’s Marketplace or adding a “shop now” button to your Instagram post makes it almost effortless for your consumers to get exactly what they wanted.

That’s why many companies are now choosing to sell on social media.

3. Follow People on Twitter

Following people on Twitter can be extremely useful, especially when you’re busines is still in its early stages.

The biggest reason to follow people on Twitter is to help you learn more about who your consumers are and why they’re interested in your product.

Additionally, many Twitter users will follow you back. This will help you build your initial following on your social media pages.

Twitter users are also very active in sharing their opinions by retweeting someone else’s post. You can count on these retweets to get your product passed along very quickly.

Twitter is another way that makes it easier for your customers to connect with you regarding your products, which will ultimately help you sell on social media.

4. Build a Following

The way to build a following for your company is by creating social media pages for your services and products.

First, like we discussed earlier, create a Twitter account and start following people.

Then, create a Facebook page for your business. Begin to “like” or “follow” other companies’ pages that sell similar products.

Share your page with your friends and family, and promote your page through your Twitter account.

You can also try to connect with potential customers on Linkedin as a way to sell on social media. Find Linkedin groups for people that use similar products or services, and then connect with the group and its members.

5. Create Relevant Content

Once you’ve got all of your social media pages made, start creating relevant content about your products and services.

Make sure that your content is applicable to your fanbase.

Your content should be able to make your consumers feel like they absolutely have to have your product, or else they’re missing out on something huge and important.

As you post your content online, remember to include a call to action, so that your fans know where to go to get your products.

Including something like “Click here for 25% off your first order” will help your site gain a lot more traffic.

6. See What People are Saying About You

Research what people are saying about you and your products.

You can use programs like Google Analytics to see data about how your company is doing online.

Look up relevant hashtags or keywords on social media having to do with your products.

See what people are saying about you and take that information in order to improve your products.

Moreover, you can also ask your customers to write a review of your product. New customers will always trust the reviews of previous customers.

The more reviews you are able to get, the more customers will gravitate towards your brand for the product that they’re looking for.

7. Utilize Social Proof

Social Proof is a product that will help put your business on the map.

Yes, word of mouth is very important, but people also want to see numbers.

Social Proof offers plans to give your company hundreds of Facebook likes, followers, Twitter retweets, Instagram likes, and more.

When a customer clicks on your social media page, the first thing they look for is to see how many likes or followers you have. The higher the number, the more likely they are to trust your brand.

Social Proof will help you instantly increase that number. Get the promotion you want as quickly as you want.

To sell on social media is all about getting your products the right exposure. It’s simple, really. Take these tips, and maximize your sale targets instantly!