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SoundCloud Marketing Campaign Tips

(Last Updated On: March 6, 2019)

SoundCloud is often considered the top social sound promotion platform for independent artists. It disrupted the music industry by transferring the power to create and promote astounding music from big recording studios to small, independent and crazily talented independent music artists.

If you’re a music artist who wants to let your song be heard across the globe, SoundCloud is the right place to start a great SoundCloud marketing campaign as your guide.

Amazing Tips to the Best SoundCloud Marketing Techniques

Just to set the stage, here are some SoundCloud statistics to show you why you should be starting on your SoundCloud marketing campaign:

*SoundCloud has more than 175 million monthly listeners.
*There are about 10 million music creators on SoundCloud.
*Every minute, roughly 12 hours of music is being uploaded on the site.

SoundCloud is big, and it’s where music creators and consumers are.

However, making it on SoundCloud takes more than just uploading your music along with their artwork and quietly wait for listeners to flock. Success on SoundCloud involves equal parts of creating amazing content and having an effective SoundCloud marketing campaign.

How to Plan and Execute a SoundCloud Marketing Campaign

1. Define Your Goals

Your goals will give you a sense of direction for the entire SoundCloud marketing campaign. SoundCloud Marketing Tips to Increase Your FollowersIt will help you avoid the same mistakes of music creators who randomly promoted their music on their Facebook profiles and other social media platforms with little thought on what they’re really trying to achieve.

Your goals for SoundCloud marketing should be specific. Establish short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals. Short-term goals can be achieved within a month, medium-term can be in half a year, and long-term goals can be after a year. It depends on how you want to pace your SoundCloud marketing campaign.

2. Understand Your Audience

The success of your SoundCloud promotion depends on your fans – if they will like your work or not. Although, before they can like your work, they need to find you first. You also need to make it easy for them to find. This is why understanding your audience is crucial in SoundCloud promotion.

You need to understand your target audience’s behaviors to be able to market your music to them effectively. Your audience largely depends on your genre. If you create hard rock music, you can make a few assumptions of your fan base. Assumptions such as how often they frequent rock concerts, hard rock music stores, often watch rock YouTube videos, hang out in Facebook rock music groups, and more.

Understanding who your target audience is for your SoundCloud marketing is critical in knowing where to look for them and how to reach out to them. Where does your audience hang out online and offline? How do they consume music? What music channels do they regularly visit? These are just some of the things you need to know about your audience for a successful SoundCloud marketing campaign.

3. Write Three Focus Areas for Your SoundCloud Marketing Campaign

When you have a thorough understanding of your audience, you can make an informed decision of how best to go about your SoundCloud promotion. You need to select three areas where you will focus much of your marketing efforts. For example, some music creators concentrate on promoting their SoundCloud profiles on all of their social media channels. Some choose to focus on other music websites where their audience might be hanging out.

What three areas would you like to focus your SoundCloud promotion on? Write them down and frequently refer to them to keep yourself grounded on your plan.

The Best SoundCloud Marketing Tips for Your Music

SoundCloud Promotion Tips to Increase SoundCloud Plays

To make it big on this social sound platform, you need to make active promotion to increase SoundCloud plays. Here are five practical SoundCloud promotion tips for your SoundCloud marketing campaign:

1. Tag Your Music

Tagging your music makes it easier for search engines to identify your genre. For best results, search for tracks that are just based off genres or even specific sub-genres. Use those specific genres to tag your track to make it easier for people to find them.

2. Try a Remix or Rendition at Least Once

A clever SoundCloud promotion trick is to do a remix or rendition of popular songs in your genre. A remix or rendition gives you the opportunity to take advantage of a music personality’s fan base. Fans of the original artist are always scouring for great remixes or renditions of their favorite songs. So when you post a remix or rendition, it’s important always to mention the original artist’s name. This is not only the ethical thing to do, but it will also increase the chances of users clicking on your music.

3. Use Eye-Catching Artwork

SoundCloud is all about visuals. If your artwork is drab, users will tend to assume that your music is uninteresting as well. We won’t suggest that you fork out a fortune for this, but if you can ask a friend to make you a great artwork to represent your music for a lower price, that would be beneficial.

4. Use SoundCloud Promotion Services

How to Market Your Music on SoundCloudSoundCloud promotion services are abound, but you have to choose the right company. Don’t fall into the trap of buying fake fans for an incredibly low price. Those fake fans are often nothing but bots. It’s always better to hire a company that offers SoundCloud promotion services using legitimate means. This will ensure that your fan engagement will remain through the years.

5. Use SoundCloud Promotion Channels

SoundCloud promotion channels are huge channels, often with millions of users, where you can promote your music. Some promo channels may post your music for free, but some will charge a fee. The cost will differ according to the size and reach of the SoundCloud promotion channel. If there is a charge, you will have to buy a repost of your track on the promo channel where it can be exposed to thousands of users around the world.

SoundCloud promotion is vital to your success as a music creator on SoundCloud. The success of your promotion will largely depend on the effectiveness and consistency of your SoundCloud marketing campaign. Stick to your goals and consistently work towards them. Make active decisions on a regular basis on what changes you will make in your strategy or what you should add. Be proactive and patient, and give users great music to listen to. Soon you will see a growth in your fan base.