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Soundclouds income strategy

(Last Updated On: March 6, 2019)


sc-balloonsSoundCloud was originally founded in Sweden, Stockholm although its first establishment was in 2007 in Berlin by a sound designer and an artist from Sweden. They originally aimed at the SoundCloud to be only musicians’ platform to exchange the recordings of their music tracks. However, SoundCloud transformed into a platform that musicians can now share their recordings and music tracks with their fans. Inception of SoundCloud challenged formerly music distribution Myspace as SoundCloud allowed more interactions of the musicians with their fans. Now that artists can communicate directly with their Followers, this enables the Talented individual to be able to get more Plays on each of their Track. With the addition of the Top 50 list, Performers can gain more exposure organically.

SoundCloud is artist-centered and therefore any revenue raised from it is for the growth of the artists. SoundCloud has a feature that allows different tiers to earn revenue at different levels and amounts. This allows each one with an account to subscribe for the tier they prefer.


soundcloud-ipod_2Originally SoundCloud earned revenue through investments made in the company as it was a starting business. SoundCloud also make money through partnerships with companies that distribute music which they hold their copyright for collection of advertising revenue and royalties and are available on SoundCloud.

SoundCloud also makes money through offering payable subscriptions for SoundCloud members intending to promote their music through uploads in the SoundCloud platform. The subscriptions are;
  1. Pro subscription.
    Pro-tier costs $6 monthly but with a higher limit of upload content 6 hours. This tier has additional features whereby the artist is in control of the comments and statistics of their tracks.
  2. Pro Unlimited subscription.This tier just as the name suggests has no upload content limit and costs $15 monthly. Pro Unlimited has advanced features such as, the artist gets to know their popular cities and states by allowing artists to track their songs have been played how often in such places, the artist can as well tell who is playing their tracks at a given point in time and who downloads it and artist can know which social media is mostly engaged in their uploads.
However, SoundCloud has a free option for those willing to promote their music through uploads and also free for anyone who wants to share and listen to the music on SoundCloud.
Another revenue stream Soundcloud has launched is called Soundcloud Go. Through a subscription service you’re able to listen to over 135 Million Tracks offline and Ad Free.
SC has built one of the best solutions for Artists to connect with their Fans directly.