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Top 10 Fashion Instagram Pages to Follow

(Last Updated On: April 8, 2019)

instagram-fashion-adIn the days before the Internet, keeping up with your favorite fashion writers and others similarly inclined was a real project. There were just so many of them. Today, however, it’s a different world. And not only can you keep better tabs on your favorites, but you also have social media tools that make it easier than every before. If you are unfamiliar with what is out there, the list that follows covers those bloggers who have pages on Instagram, one avenue that is particularly well suited for fashions.

Below are the top 10 fashion Instagram pages.

  1. Margaret Zhang of Shine by Three. Margaret Zhang is a 22-year-old fashion blogger who hails from Australia. Even at her age, she has attracted a lot of attention for her work as a blogger, stylist, photographer, student, and model, but if you think that’s the all of it, forget it. As soon as she steps from behind her design table or computer, it’s out on the town with her friends, where she not only attends numerous fashion show throughout the year, but pals around with her friends, celebrity or not, and attracts lots of attention with what she does. Fortunately, if you tend to miss out on all this, she can be found on her Instagram page, right along with 11K likes.
  2. Valentina Rios of Le Freak C’est Chic. If Instagram has one thing going for it, it’s the fact that you can make visual images come true of what your favorite bloggers look like, right along with the stories they promote with their work. Valentina Rios is a great example of this phenomenon with her eccentric fashion style and bright red lipstick. And that’s only talking about her person, then there’s her work. 171 likes can’t be wrong.
  3. Zanita Whittington of Zanita. Zanita Whittington is a model and photographer who spends her time traveling around the world writing about her greatest passion, fashion. If you follow Zanita’s blog you will get beautiful right along with her 16.5 other likes.
  4. Alex Noiret. If you are looking to add a little French touch to your fashion tastes, Alex Noiret will probably do you more and even add to it. This is not only because of the reputation she already enjoys but will also star in the summer Aritzia campaign as well as several others already. Follow Alex and you will end up with all kind of good beauty advice, not to mention being enthralled by her work as a writer. Her posts automatically get hundreds of likes everyday, a must follow for any Fashion enthusiasts.
  5. Evangelie Smyrniotaki of style Heroine. Not only is Evangelie herself reminiscent of a Greek goddess, but her fashion as well as the settings of her photographs do the same. More than 1,383 likes can’t be wrong.
  6. Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper Girl. It’s easy to understand how modeling and fashion can be bettered with careful choreography, but that becomes the watchword when you have Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper Girl working with you. This Australian artist/model started her first company before the age of 20 when she began Gary Pepper, and since then she has shown the world only a glimpse of what she is all about. Warne is immensely influential in the fashion world, which is part of the reason she has 16.6K likes as well as plenty of magazine covers and an inclusion on the Forbes ’30 Under 30 Asia’ List.
  7. Cipriana Quinn of Urb an Bu sh Babes. Think of Urb an Bu sh Babes, and it’s not hard to understand that there are actually two that make up this brand, and it’s a brand a lot of people have come to watch and trust. Quinn has not only 1,870 likes, but titles galore, such as best blogger from Vogue, where she has earned a reputation for her eclectic styles.
  8. Brittany Xavier of Thrifts and Threads. Anyone who finds themselves dreaming of big lifesyle goals will find a leader in Brittany Xavier, who personifies that designer girl that so many like to follow. This accounts for the 12.9K likes as well as the reputation she enjoys all over the world for her stunning fashions as much as her faded jeans and tied blouses.
  9. Yoyo Cao of Yoy o Kal ula. When Yoy o Cao’s fashions started hitting the runways recently she set a lot of attention on her newly arrived reputation, but the talk centers on the birth of her look on the streets of New York, where her looks are an Ur ban mainstay. She has 5,589 likes, so who are we to disagree?
  10. Aleali May. It’s hard not to get a lot of attention at the beginning of your career when it starts at such a distinguished house as Louis Vuitton, which has got to be part of the reason she has been contacted by Nike and Adidas for future collaboration. In the meantime, however, working with those on the runways is just fine with her. And 3,486 likes agree.

It’s probably very safe to assume that Instagram wasn’t created for fashion mavens, but when it comes right down to usage, the social media outlet has proven its worth in not only promoting the brands and the creators themselves but by giving those who enjoy their work a sneak peek at what will soon be out.