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Top 10 Instagram Tech Accounts

(Last Updated On: March 6, 2019)

The Technology Companies you should Follow on Instagram


OK, we all know that tech gadgets have been around for awhile now but never have they been more interesting and exciting than they are now and it just gets better! Every day, somebody seems to be coming up with the next great thing and that keeps us coming back for more. So, we went to Instagram to see what was going on there and here are the top ten tech pages that we found and what they’re currently offering and or reviewing:

  1. Techcrunch – This page has 556,000 followers and 1,781 posts that average 20,000 Likes per post. Their posts average about 25k views and approximately 2,500 likes. Reviews and event coverage from behind-the-scenes on this page include Tesla, autonomous flying cars, Arrive (Jay Z’s emerging venture capital firm), Fitbit’s Alta HR, the new Nintendo Switch, Cobalt security robots, the Handle robot from Boston Dynamics, and so much more. In-depth reviews and lots of exciting news, like the amazing new VR body suit!
  2. cool-tech-gadgets-instagramCool Tech Gadgets – CTG has 293,000 followers and 2,019 posts on Instagram. They offer all kinds of fun tech stuff like Air Terminators 2.4GHz battle helicopters for the kid in you, desktop spy clocks with hidden cameras for the spy in you, and SelfieMe remote photo shooters for the narcissist in you. They also offer a Veho Muvi K Series WiFi Action Camera. Just in case you’re a cinematographer wannabe, this could be a great way to get started!
  3. Ritchtechonline – This one has 135,000 followers and 773 posts and offers everything from tech gadgets to cell phone cases and powerbanks. For you girls out there, this gadget guy has plenty of girlie cell phone cases and some of them are by designers like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Kate Spade and the favorite of all men worldwide, Victoria’s Secret. They also sell some that aren’t necessarily girls like one that looks like a pistol. All-in-all, they carry 136 items.
  4. Tech Drop Box – This page is meant to keep readers informed about all the current news in the world of tech. It has 77,612 followers and 868 posts. Tech Drop Box covers the latest news about tech gadgets like the Lightroom Mobile App, the new Sony Xperia XZ Smartphone with the 960fps sensor, current Android pay news, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and its features, the new Moto G5, the Android 7.1.2 beta rollout, and improvements in the Google Pixel 2. You can also find some very interesting reviews of tech in movies like those super-hero biggies inspired by Marvel and DC comics.
  5. GadgetsFactory – This page has 1,259 followers and offers cool gadgets, wholesale electronics, and free shipping to boot. They offer tech gadgets like SoundMax headphones, keyboards, cell phone cases, tablets, charger kits and more.
  6. TechBundle – So, this page has 1,300 followers and 42 posts. They sell gaming laptops and gadgets, both new and used. Some of their products include GoPros, the sleek and slim Illegear S7 laptop, the Asus ROG model G551JW with 500GB SSD, the RAZER Blackwidow XTE CHROMA RM450, ASUS ROG G752VY 1, and the Lenovo Y700. And, many of the laptops that are listed as used and at used prices are actually barely used, as in a month or even weeks of use. The TechBundle posts average approximately 50 likes each
  7. Gadgetsfactorykl – This Asian company’s page has 209 followers and 461 posts. They offer original products like the Joi KinderTab, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Xiaomi Mi 4i, Sony Xperia C4 Dual, Samsung Gear S2, Samsung Galaxy J7, Xiaomi MiNote, Huawei MediaPad M2, Samsung Gear S2 Classic, and the Huawei P8 lite. Their posts only average one or two likes each.
  8. Techtechgadgets – This page has 146 followers, 27 posts, and 604 following. They have all kinds of tech and gadget products reviews, including PlayStation VR, the Sony A7Rll, Samsung’s foldable screen, the Amazon Echo vs. Alexa, the ZAR world’s lightest e-scooter, the Nerf battle go-kart-pedal-powered trike, the Bat Cave gaming keyboard, and the Wonder Cube. Their posts are averaging about 50 each.
  9. guff-techTech by Guff – Now, this page has 294k followers and 1,021 posts on everything from the Transit Elevated Bus, which is elevated to drive over traffic rather than getting stuck in it, to a digital recreation of Mars. It’s no wonder each photo automatically gains thousands of Likes because of the quality of each post. You can also learn all about how scientists have figured out how to erase all of our memories, a machine that could replicate human speech that existed all the way back in 1846, how our memory capacity is ten times more than we once thought, how New York is replacing all of its payphones with free Wi-Fi, how AI could take over the art world, all about the SpaceX planned flight to the moon in 2018, and how microbots could clean up our water. This is really a fascinating site for stuff you never thought of being even remotely possible in the world of tech. And, all of their posts are averaging at least 5k likes! Looks like people really believe that you never stop learning and there’s a lot to be learned from Tech by Guff. Check it out. It’ll give you plenty to talk about at your next party. Wouldn’t it be fun to know more about the latest in state-of-the-art tech than all of your friends?
  10. Gadgetz4u – Gadgetz4u has a page that sells tech gadgets and has 98 followers, 60 following, and five posts. They sell iPhones, MacBooks, and more special bargains on tech stuff plus they offer worldwide 1st class shipping from their headquarters in the UK. They average about 80 likes per post and we found this page interesting because they get so many likes on their posts even though they appear to be just getting started. So, we think they bear watching to see where they might go from here.

So, now that we’ve given you a bit of an idea of what’s selling, trending, or coming up soon on the tech horizon, hopefully, you can get some good bargains or just know a lot more about the future of tech. Either way, we know you’ll enjoy reading about some of the new AI info, a trip to the moon, and so much more. And, hey, if you can save a few bucks with some of the bargains from one or more of these exciting Instagram pages, so much the better.