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Top 10 Instaliker Apps to Gain Likes and Followers

(Last Updated On: June 13, 2019)

Updated 4/01/18

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InstalikerGetting free likes on Instagram is easy, especially if you use the correct iOS apps. Here you will get likes from actual Instagram users, quickly, ensuring that you grow your Instagram page fast. Additionally, these apps, which are proven to be quick and safe, will notify you of people genuinely interested in your photos, while also allowing you to discover more people.

The top rated Instagram likes apps include:

InstaLikes for Instagram

InstaLikes enables you to get lots of Instagram likes for free. Since it is a social app, you will be able to:

  • Like videos and photos of other Instagram users and vice versa.
  • Get notifications of how many likes you have, thanks to an added notification feature.
  • Earn bonuses, enabling users to have extra fun and likes.

InstaLikes is completely free, giving an average of 25 free likes per hour.

Like4Like App:

Like4Like will give you over genuine 5000 Likes and 1000 Followers, daily. It is a simple to use app and allows you to;

  • Like other Instagram users’ pictures and videos, while earning a coin for each picture you like or user you follow.
  • Spend earned coins on promoting your favorite Instagram pictures and profile.
  • Get loads of likes and followers, depending on coins spent on a daily basis.

Likes (Former Instaliker)

If you wish to get thousands of likes on a regular basis, consider using InstaLiker. It is a number one Instagram likes app in more than 35 countries, allowing users to blow up their Instagram post with tons of likes. It lets users;

  • Like posts (photos and videos) and earn free coins and buy coins.
  • Spend coins to get new likes, followers, and views on your posts.
  • Exchange likes on photos, getting real free likes from real users.
  • Get likes delivered to their posts in a few seconds or minutes.

Instaliker Video: 

Magic Liker

Magic Liker is the magical app for gaining other likes and views on Instagram. The app works in the following easy steps;

  • View posts and like them to get stars.
  • Spend the earned stars to get new likes from other Instagram users.
  • Enable users get a flexible number of likes and views.
  • Earn bonus stars on video views.
  • Get purchase lead packs with in-app purchases.

Like Potion

Like Potion is a social media app that enables Instagram users to get more likes, while they discover and like posts of their fellow users. Additionally, you will:

  • View posts and like them to earn stars.
  • Spend the stars to get likes from Instagram users.
  • Purchase star packs thanks to in-app purchases.
  • Watch videos from other Instagram users for stars.
  • Get bug fixes while enjoying improvements on the user interface.

Get Likes for Instagram

Get Likes is one of the easy to use apps when it comes to exposing your Instagram photos. Users simply like photos from their fellow Instagram users to get likes and earn coins. The coins earned can be spent on getting other likes on desired posts. Get Likes allows for;

  • An ad-free app, hence increasing its reliability when it comes to delivering likes ordered.
  • Safety, as likes on a post, are genuine and 100% real.
  • Promotion of your photos thanks to the use of coins earned.

5000 Likes Pro

5000 Likes Pro will generate all likes from real Instagram users with your consent. It will also keep your Instagram account safe in the end. It will also;

  • Like your friends’ pictures to earn coins.
  • Spend earned coins by awarding friends to like your post.

1000 Instagram likes Free

1000 Instagram likes Free is a free, simple and fast app to receive sound likes for your posts from real people. It allows you to;

  • Like other people’s videos and post to collect coins.
  • Use the coins to generate likes from real Instagram users.
  • Earn and collect daily rewards on a regular basis.
  • Enjoy a supporting pull-to-refresh and optimized user experience.

Turbo Like Pro for Instagram

Turbo Like Pro for Instagram will enable you to get more likes from real Instagram users while discovering and liking their post. Apart from this, Turbo Like Pro allows users to:

  • View real-time status reports for your post for new likes.
  • Get double coins per like while users get to collect coins per every 10 minutes.
  • Have a higher priority for support over the Turbo Like free version users.

Like Boost

Like Boost allows Instagram users to get more likes for posts while gaining more followers in the end. Like Boost will also;

  • Buy likes and followers for your posts.
  • Generate more true followers and likes.
  • Give you more coins per like.

All of these applications have one thing in common, within each of them you have the ability to make an In App Purchase. If you’re lazy like me you don’t want to earn the coins it takes to get the Likes and Followers. Sometimes it’s easier to cut to the front of the line and buy your results. If you have the money you can buy Instagram Likes from reputable sites instead of downloading and installing an app.