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Top 20 DailyMotion videos ranked by Views

(Last Updated On: March 6, 2019)
Dailymotion is the only online video directory and video sharing website that can rival YouTube though YouTube has grown to a humongous level. Dailymotion has been in business for 11 years and it has shown a growth of an upward trajectory since then. Endorsed by over 35 countries, its growth has been truly exponential.
dailymotionIt is a company that is based in Paris, France. It offers a mix of content from users, premium partners and independent creators. It has been translated into 18 different languages. Just like YouTube, the more a video is watched the more views it gets, the more the money the owner of the video gets. Users are able to monetize their videos using ads and URL’s in their descriptions. Being able to utilize these types of tools allows the creators to receive a little money for their efforts. In this article, we’re going to discuss some of the most watched Dailymotion videos in the world by outlining the Top 20 all time watched Videos.

This will be solely based on views and they’re:

  1. Eclypsia TV
    1. This is a live streamed video. A user can’t watch the video unless he or she knows the time at which the video will be live streamed. It is like watching a live football match, you can’t watch it unless the time for it to be televised live. The live stream is about a game called Warcraft and it has views of 494,907,739.
  2. Millenium TV LoL
    1. This is another video on Dailymotion that can only been accessed on live stream. Just like Eclypsia TV, it is about a game. It started to be televised five years ago, and since then it has managed to garner 354,972,177 views. If you want know what it is all about, make sure you tune in for its live stream.
  3. Millenium TV
    1. The only difference between Millenium TV LoL and Millenium TV is that they are streamed live by different users but they all are about the same topic and game. Just like Millenium TV LoL, it started to be streamed live 5 years ago, and up to now, it has 237,123,754 views.
  4. RewardsGG
    1. This is a live stream video about a game called Grand Theft Auto. It is a popular game and that is why it has 126,758,443 views. It has started live streaming last year.
  5. Eclypsia TV-Web TV
    1. The only difference between this live stream and the most watched video on Dailymotion is that, this particular live stream video started last year but on all other aspects they are the same. It has 126,083,675 views.
  6. L’appli
    1. This is a video about a social networking site called Skyrock. It describes how a person can use Skyrock. It has 68,091,223 views.
  7. Live Corobizar
    1. This is a live stream video about the game called Corobizar. It started its live stream three years ago and has 62,040,036 views since then.
  8. Europe 1 Live
    1. This is a live stream about the whole of Europe. The makers of the video go around Europe while streaming live the places they are at. It has 60,073,678 views and it started live streaming 4 years ago.
  9. Millenium TV Hearthstone
    1. The awesome thong about this live stream video is that it is frequently streamed live. It is same as the other Millenium TV live stream videos. It started to be live streamed three years ago. It has 60,635,129 views since then.
  10. Amazing Counter Strike Headshots
    1. This is an awesome video about the counter strike headshots that can be experienced in the battlefield. It has 55,383,722 views and it was uploaded three years ago.
  11. Senal en vivo
    1. For those who can understand and speak Spanish and also love world forums, then this is the videos for you. It is a live stream video that was first streamed live 5 years ago. Since then, it has managed to have 53,076,975 views.
  12. Regardez RTL
    1. This is live stream video about off-road bikes. If you are a bike lover, then this is the live stream video for you. It is streamed live in Spanish. It has 50,297,456 views.
  13. VIDEO 1 REV 11
    1. This is video a person who loves wines. He shows his viewers some of the best wines that you can get in the world. The video has 47,424,055 views.
    1. If you are an Indian from India and you would wish to watch live Indian news when they are being televised, make sure you tune in to this live stream of Indian news from India. It has 37,967,473 views.
  15. GSTV
    1. This is a live stream on any match that is being played by the soccer team called Galatasaray. It has 35,789,301 views.
  16. OGaming TV
    1. This is a live stream video for lovers of video games. It has 29,577,001 views.
  17. PSG 2 – 1 OM
    1. If you missed the soccer match between PSG and OM 4 years ago, make sure you watch this video. It has 27,983,028 views.
  18. Gaming Live
    1. This is a live stream video for gamers. It has 26,419,107 views.
  19. Regardez France
    1. This is a video about a guy called Regardez who is French. It has 25,803,901 views.
  20. Pop Corn
    1. This is a video on how to make popcorns on telephone micro-ondes. It has 25,705,940 views.


Though Dailymotion doesn’t have videos that are over a billion views like YouTube, it still has some awesome videos that have been viewed many times. These videos are the above mentioned videos. Having your video on this platform is another marketing strategy you should include in your business plan. It never hearts to add more exposure of your Brand, Product or Service by utilizing free sites likes Daily-Motion.