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Top 20 Instagram Photographers & Biographies

(Last Updated On: June 13, 2019)

https://www.instagram.com/nois7/Instagram is not just about fun and personal posting, it’s a medium for talented professionals and amateurs to showcase their passions. Because of Instagram we’re able to view galleries from different photographers. Their Instagram Pages speaks volumes to their talent and focus as they upload their best photos. These are the best of the best on Instagram and has attracted a lot of followers. Some have specialized in different fields of photography such as photojournalism, music photography among others.

The most popular Instgram Photographers sorted by Follower count.

  1. Simone Bramante

    This is one of the most inspiring photographers whose main captions include the magical landscape imagery. His beautiful photographs have attracted over 817000 followers. He combines photography and storytelling and his Instagram link is Instagram.com/simone.bramante

  2. Victoria Siemer

    This is a photographer based in Brooklyn. Her atmospheric images have ranked her high with 151000 followers. She goes by the name witchoria on Instagram.

  3. Dirk Bakker

    He is a photographer who makes his clients see the landscape in different lenses. He combines graphic design with photography and this makes his work more appealing. He goes by the name macenzo in Instagram and has about 395000 followers.

  4. Chris Burkard

    He is a photographer with 1.4m followers. She is a speaker, a director, and author and this complements his photography work. You can follow him from @chrisburkard.

  5. Janske Kaethoven

    This photographer major on nature and different landscapes. He goes by the name janske on Instagram and has about 235000 followers.

  6. Asa Sjostrom

    She is a documentary photographer whose main concern is women and children. She creates awareness and aims at creating an intimate situation between her and her clients. She is followed by 20800 people and asasjostromphotography is her Instagram link.

  7. Dave Yoder

    He is a frequent contributor on Instagram. Among his uploads is the beautiful and inspirational images. He showcases all the crucial happenings all over the world. He has worked for National Geographic Magazine and National Social Explorer. He has around 149000 followers and goes by the name daveyoder.

  8. Theron Humphrey

    He is a winner of the National Geographic’s Traveler of the Year Award. Most of his captions are featured by animals. However, the fact that he is able to capture moments gives him more winnings. He has about 1.2 million followers. He goes by the name thiswildidea

  9. Mike Kus

    He is a renown graphic and web designer and has used Instagram to showcase all his designer and photography work. He has captured the backstage shoot for Burberry London fashion week and this puts him a niche higher. You can follow him on mikekus.com and join the 842000 followers.

  10. Dan Rubin

    He is a well-known designer, photographer a writer and a speaker on various occasions. Travelling being one of his hobbies, he is able to capture a lot and upload on Instagram. He has 737000 followers and goes by the username danrubin.

  11. Darryll Jones

    This photographer will give a humorous explanation of the world. He posts amazing works and can capture the toys and work in progress. He has 107000 followers and you can follow him on darrylljones. You can also see more of his work through his personal website.

  12. Marcus Rodriguez

    Though a web developer, he has a great passion for photography. He has uploaded a still-life series of photo compositions. This is due to his ability to capture the essence in every occurrence. His willingness to share-out the trick of photography makes him a favorite to many. He has 9927 followers and counting. His username is memoryweaver and you can follow and enjoy his photography work.

  13. Mark hunter

    He is a brilliant Lego-based photo comic. He is creative and innovative and is always creating a spiced caption of the daily situations. He is mkshunter on Instagram and has 4474 followers.

  14. Jane Samuels

    She uses photography to open the eyes of his followers to different places which have been neglected. She has 10700 followers and you can follow janesammuels the abandoned buildings project to view her captions.

  15. Dustin Vaughn-Luma

    This is an inspirational photographer and a must follow. He has 113000 followers and you can follow dvl on Instagram.

  16. Angeliki Jackson

    His main focus is the natural and manmade textures. She has 128000 followers and you can follow astrodub to view her photography work.

  17. Kirsten Alana

    She is a travel photographer whose updates have complete details of the area of caption she has around 182 followers and you can follow her at @Kirstenalana.

  18. Daniel Kordan

    He is a landscape photographer and you can follow him on danielkordan.com/workshops to join his 601,000 followers.

  19. World of Wanderlust

    @Worldwanderlust is run by Brooke a 24-year-old photographer. She has around 368000 followers and has always been sharing her experiences.

  20. Kristin Addis

    She is a traveler photographer in search of the beaten paths of adventure. She has 41.2 followers and you can follow her from @bemytravelmuse.

Instagram has given Photographers the ability to share their photography to millions of people that would otherwise not see it. With the advent of the App you can now see the world from your phone. Thanks to the millions of users contributing new content everyday, with the proper user of Hashtags we can now find photos on any subject we might have an interest in. The ability to have the world at your finger tips is now possible thanks to IG. Not only do users get to share their world, but attract a massive amount of followers by showcasing their subjects of interest from their Cellphone.

If you hope to be added to this list someday or aspire to build a successful Instagram page with tons of followers added to your page everyday, it’ll take work, dedication, focus and exceptional content your readers can relate to.