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Top 20 Veterans of Instagram who get the most Likes

(Last Updated On: March 6, 2019)

In honor of Veterans Day, Instagram we put together a list of actors, motivational speakers, paralympians and comedians, who together make up the list of the Top 20 Veterans who encourage us to be thankful.

Here is the List of Ex Military Personnel ranked by Followers and Likes:

  1. Veteran: csmuncy
    1. Followers: 3702
    2. C.S. Muncy is the owner of this site where he operates as photojournalist and has a link to his business. He has a large number of photos representing his professional work, ranging from people with unique cultural perspectives to political protests to military action. There is something here for everybody.
  2. Veteran: ghost_of_a_gunfighter
    1. Followers: 18,100+
    2. Demonstrating the courage and tenacity that defines a combat veteran, Sebastian display an array of pictures and videos that reflect his heroic service to his country and the continuing real life challenges he faces as a wounded and disabled veteran. The first video you encounter has over 138,000 views.
  3. noahgallowayathleteVeteran: noahgallowayathlete
    1. Followers: 231,000
    2. Noah Galloway states his life credentials on his page as a 3rd place finisher in Dancing With The Stars, Season 20. a retired Sergeant, an athlete, motivational speaker, author, and father. The pictures and videos are from his many life experiences showing the challenges and triumphs of going beyond perceived limitations.
  4. Veteran: ampd_up15
    1. Followers: 4934
    2. Through pictures, Cody shares more than simply the challenges of being a disabled veteran. He shows what it is like to create and take on new challenges – and conquer them. You will everything from scaling the side of a cliff to sharing life on a limb, and includes images of those who are and have been near and dear to him.
  5. Veteraniamwesmoore
    1. Followers: 6523
    2. What strikes you first when visiting the page of Wes Moore is his ongoing commitment to community and country, as he is heavily involved in higher education and being a voice for those who are not able to be heard. There is a clear connection to family here, and his list of accomplishments continue to appear as you scroll down the page. You leave the page thinking that the number of people he has positively impacted is far greater than the number of his followers.
  6. dcwriley
    1. Followers: 14,500
    2. A self-described student and adventurer, there is one obvious fact about his adventures – he loves things that are cold. And wet. Whether you see his pictures skiing down the mountain slopes or surfing the waves on the ocean, you know he definitely is an adventurer. For Daniel, there is no such thing as being too “outdoorsy.” It is there he is in his element.
  7. iamjrmartinez
    1. Followers: 13,300
    2. J.R. loves football, but when scrolling through the pages you discover he likely spends far more time with people – and his dog. He meets life head on with eyes open, and you learn that somehow there is always food in the area. And while he accepts his own struggle, he also is keenly in touch with the struggles outside of himself and for those around him.
  8. ironman_1108
    1. Followers: 11
    2. Calling Demir Ersoz! You have a great start to your Instagram page with the cute picture. But there is a crowd gathering here and we would like to see more of you. Don’t keep us waiting long.
  9. derekweidaderekweida
    1. Followers: 455,000
    2. If you wonder how Derek got 455,000 followers, you don’t have to look far. He takes keeping fit very seriously. Very. After scrolling down a few pages you begin to realize Derek is definitely into self-expression. Considering how many Likes he gets on each Post, you can tell people love his page. A random fact: He calls himself “Just a dude.” Uh huh.
  10. cjchivers
    1. Followers: 28,500
    2. C. J. has a unique eye for food and … scenery. You will a definite connection between himself and the ocean. You will definitely experience the feeling that there is more life outdoors than indoors.
  11. red1882
    1. Followers: 42
    2. Red has amassed 42 followers by being completely mysterious. It is clear that there are people out there who know the Instagram whereabouts of red. Fight the silence!
  12. scottyybob
    1. Followers: 6127
    2. From the beginning of the page you begin to get the sense that somehow Scotty Bob (or is it Bob Scotty?) is either a bit of a prankster (he is) or that he is in a quest to complete his childhood. One thing is for certain. He likes heights. And jumping from high places. In between his high flying adventures and his other questionable adult activities, you find he has traveled to the Orient.
  13. bobby_henline
    1. Followers: 35,100
    2. It may not seem to be the best way to describe Bobby Henline’s Instagram page, but it definitely seems to be well-thought out. If you take the time to scroll through the site one page at a time, you always seem to come across something that surprises you. Scroll down a page or two and then see that, yes, his arm really is that big. Scroll down another page or two and you get a glimpse of reality. And yes, the comedy is there.
  14. aguywithcamera
    1. Followers: 1723
    2. Matthew Bragg is a Marine who aspires to be a photojournalist. The pictures on his Instagram page are not a good start – they are a great start. He is insightful enough to know that children often make the best subjects for a camera, and he can capture the emptiness of life or the honor of military service equally in a single frame. Many times pictures are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that will never be able to be captured again. Matthew has been able to capture more than a few and share them with his followers.
  15. mstockwell01
    1. Followers: 10,000+
    2. This is a woman you may have already become familiar with. Melissa Stockwell is a two-time Paralympian, having competed in 2008 and 2016, having achieved a Bronze medal in 2016. She is also a three-time Paratriathlon world champion. She is also a successful mom and finds time to give motivational speeches. Her Instagram album is a walk through a personal history. It reflects a wealth of reality about life: its triumphs, its challenges, its hope for future generations. And yes, there are also the obligatory pictures of the family dog.
  16. brojaq
    1. Followers: 86,100
    2. There is something to be said about a woman who is armed to the teeth, and the page of Jacqueline Carrizosa has an abundance of her proudly displaying not only a number of her personal favorites, but the demonstration that she is more than competent with them. What also runs through her gallery of pictures is the distinct message that she is completely comfortable in her own skin.
  17. bambam0069
    1. Followers 77,100
    2. The founder of Wishes for Warriors, you will get a clear sense of one likely reason he got the name BamBam. The gallery of pictures takes you into a world where guns are fun and friends, family, and children are at the center on a person’s life. There is a large dose of laughter you will find here, and some home spun philosophy.
  18. andrewbreese
    1. Followers: 1219
    2. Andrew’s page offers a clear challenge to those who visit his page: “Continue to see and grow beyond your fingers and toes.” There is nothing hokey about it. Paging through his gallery has you seeing very common things in a very uncommon way. These are the images you see, but overlook. There are dogs for dog lovers. Lots of them. Yet there is also something comforting about the pictures, as if you have been to these places yourself.
  19. dannyshenanigans
    1. Followers: 813
    2. Daniel Gorman, a.k.a., Danny Shenanigans, is an admittedly amateur photographer. The more than 1200 pictures he has available range from the simple (a menu on a restaurant table) to the created beauty of a skyline to the natural beauty of a sunset. You will be looking at pictures and have pictures looking back at you. Good photographers take pictures of life. Great photographers bring life to their pictures.
  20. paulrieckhoff
    1. Followers: 4058
    2. When visiting Paul’s page you get the sense of what people often call a “normal” person. The pictures tell the story of his life, very much like our own. It is involved, complicated, simple, dedicated, a little political, a lot loyal, a journey we do not walk alone, and a life of hope. It is almost guaranteed you will find a part of yourself as you browse through the gallery. That makes it a place to connect.

If you want to follow more inspirational Veterans, take a look at Luis Garcia who built an Instagram Empire totally over 6 million followers across 3 of his accounts.