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Top 5 Instagram Video Views Apps and Websites

(Last Updated On: March 6, 2019)

Update 6/27/2017

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IG Video CountIf you are an Instagram enthusiast, you know just how useful views in Instagram are for any post. This is why having an app that can help you synchronize your views is imperative. Additionally, if you are yearning to earn more Instagram views, random posting can never do the trick quite as smart as buying views can tally your count.

This need to boost views status is what pushes many Instagram users into going an extra mile to include features that others take for granted. In this review, we are going to look at several views apps for Instagram, as well as some of the best websites where you can get Instagram views.

Top 5 Instagram Video Views Applications on iTunes

  1. Magic Liker for Instagram

This app by Punicasoft is one of the best you can get from iTunes to boost the management of your Instagram views. As the name suggests, this app works wonders by giving users bonus video views, flexible numbers of views and many other features. It also comes with multiple user support and IAP bug fixes among other exciting features.

  1. 8000 Followers for Instagram

The multi-purpose app by Zifan Zhang is a track of opportunities, with the aspect of views looming large. If you want to increase your Instagram views and grow your popularity, then this app is for you. This app provides satisfactory service to users, not to mention that it is genuine and reliable.

  1. Get Followers Likes and Views for Instagram

Boost your Instagram views with this app by Renyon Zhang, which is capable of turning your dream of becoming an Instagram celebrity into reality. With support for multi-accounts and share coins and a 10% extra on all good deals for VIP users, you can be sure of getting only the best from this app.

  1. Instaboost

This app is WickeyWare brainchild, and it is a killer in the game. With this app, you can get a significant boost on your Instagram views in a click of a button. This app does not require Password for login; you only need to paste a direct URL to your photo, choose the number of video views you want and click GO. The best part about this app is in its simplicity. It is one of the apps you have to try one of these days. You can also see more apps from this developer.

  1. Get Video Views

Yuan Hu is the developer of this app, and it is doing well in boosting your views on Instagram. If you are looking for a breakthrough in becoming popular on Instagram, this is the solution. This app helps you promote your videos, account, and photos as well. The views here come from real users on Instagram, and not a matter of artificial users or cheats. Additionally, VIP users stand a better chance of getting an extra 10% the total number of views and other deals, not to mention that promotions and daily affordable coins sales too.

The best 5 websites where you can buy Instagram Views

Getting a high number of views is the dream of any Instagram, account owner. The good news is that you can get better counts on your views by ordering from several websites, easy, fast and cheap. Here are several sites where you can buy them.


This site offers a fast delivery of Instagram views to your videos fast. With several packages on offer, you can select the one that best fits your budget. From as low, like less than $3, you can tally up your views and anchor a space on Instagram. They offer quality and real views, and you can purchase as many as you need.


Are you looking to add the counter to your Instagram view counter? Well, this is a website you should visit and make a purchase of several packages of views for your videos. With offering the best updates, with a quick, easy and reliable source for your Instagram needs. Your views will be delivered as fast as within 30-seconds after making your payment, with their service running around the clock.


With their 1000 views to your Instagram video and bonus likes, you are guaranteed of an excellent service with the purchase of these views. The service is of high quality, and the delivery is conveniently fast, with the submission of the views done in less than 5 minutes after purchase. Users can buy views for as low as $3.49 and start gaining high counts.


With Instagram having implemented a 3-second play rule for the view to be confirmed, this website is offering a service that will ensure you get your views counting despite the short time-span. The system will watch the video up to the minimum time limit to boost your view count. Orders are delivered the same day (15 minutes after payment), with many packages to suit users’ diverse needs. This is one of the best ways to buy Instagram Views using a trusted website like SocialProof.


This service takes pride as the best Instagram video views online service. With, you can be sure of getting as many as 100 000 Instagram views. Their orders are within 15 minutes to 6 hours, and they offer a money back guarantee if they do not deliver. The good news for beginners is that there is a free test option for Likes and another for Views, this is for new customers to test, which means the new visitors can enjoy this welcoming token.

Top 5 tricks to help your Video Posts go Viral on IG.

You can download free apps from iTunes or use websites to boost the count of your Instagram video views, it is not as if you cannot do more to add to the number. Here are several other ways, which can help you in increasing the count tremendously.  

  • You can edit the video on the computer to make it appear more attractive than the original one and get better reception. Then you can transfer it from the computer to another device for posting.
  • It is also wise to be creative enough and create a call to action sense in your video. Videos with this aspect perform much far better than those with little comments.
  • Hash tags on your captions also help attract more viewers who can get to see your videos. Having more followers can also play a significant part in increasing the chances of your video getting a high number of viewers since your followers will be in a better position to view it.
  • Another effective way to increase your views is by embedding your Instagram video with a website that has a good traffic. Embedding your video means that it is exposed to many prospect viewers out there.
  • It is best if you avoid breaching copyright rights of other people. This ignorance does not only negatively affect your videos credibility but also risks your account being banned.
  • Lastly, you need to track your Instagram Metrics so you understand your engagement.

Instagram is a great platform for social connectivity for companies, organizations, and individuals. You cannot get a higher profile stand in any other way better than having your view count shockingly high. Whether you use the iTunes apps for managing your views or go for the website views buying option, you have to try to get at the top of the count for your profile to be stunning. Remember, using the tricks we have discussed here to increase the views of your videos also really counts. You can try all you can and tally up that number. Sometimes you may have to spend few bucks to get the job done, but with the benefits that come with high view counts, the costs are worth.