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Top 5 Liked World Travelers of Instagram

(Last Updated On: April 15, 2019)

There are lots of excellent Instagram travelers and travel photographers. Instagram lends itself very well to travel photography. People are excited about the opportunity to see different photographs from all over the world on their phones. A highly visual social media website like Instagram is perfect for the people who are good at capturing the diversity of different areas photographically. Some of these world travelers will post all the time. Others will only post occasionally, but it’s an event whenever they do post. The people who post the most frequently will get more followers and automatic Instagram likes on each post. Of course, some of the top world travelers of Instagram should be ranked accordingly because of their spectacular content, and not just the number of followers they have.

  1. chrisburkard-1Chris Burkard with 2.4m followers: On the basis of Instagram followers alone, Chris Burkard is a top world traveler. He is certainly one of the most popular of the world travelers on Instagram. His fame is well-deserved. Most of the pictures that he presents really give people a sense of the area and the landscapes. People will feel as if they’re there, since the pictures seem to capture the experience of a person who is truly dwarfed by an expansive landscape like this. Many of his locations take place in areas that are extremely remote. He shows the parts of the world that people don’t see as frequently rather than featuring a lot of photos of famous locations.
  2. funforlouis-2Fun For Louis with 1.5m followers: Fun For Louis has a shocking number of Instagram followers, and that shouldn’t surprise anyone. He’s a travel photographer who posts constantly, and that seems to be part of the trick to getting a lot of followers in general. His pictures tend to contain shots of him and his friends, but they are still travel shots that will help give people a sense of the areas. Lots of the other travel photographers on Instagram have a tendency to create carefully composed shots. Fun For Louis often seems to create shots that are more spontaneous. They seem more natural as a result, and people might find his shots more familiar than those of some other Instagram followers. Fun For Louis updates often enough that it will feel like he has been everywhere in the world.
  3. danielkordan-3Daniel Kordan with 673k followers: People who really can’t get enough of the cold and icy landscapes will adore Daniel Kordan. Given the number of followers he has, it is clear that a lot of people feel this way. Many of his pictures take place in New Zealand, Norway, Japan, Russia, and Italy, so he is able to mix in the Mediterranean and warmer landscapes with the colder ones. With his posts averaging 10-20,000 likes, his gorgeous landscape photography certainly presents everything in a positive light.
  4. kirstenalana-4Kirsten Alana with 222k followers: Kirsten Alana posts more information on her various traveling destinations compared with many of her fellow Instagram travelers. Her updates often contain elaborate stories or historical information. People will feel that they’re learning more about her various destinations than they would if other Instagram bloggers were writing about them. She’s been to France, Wales, Ireland, Canada, India, all over the United States, and through many other destinations all around the world. Many of her pictures tend to focus on the landscapes in a particular area as well as the architecture and the various outdoor celebrations. She does pose in some of the photographs, but the focus is always on the destination and the locale.
  5. expertvagabond-5Expert Vagabond with 115k followers: Expert Vagabond has spent six years as a professional travel photographer. His Instagram account can truly take a person all over the world. It’s possible to see him photographed next to camels in the wild as well as pitching tents in the desert and riding around in classic cars through the cities of the world. Expert Vagabond has been all over the United States, through the deserts of Afghanistan, and in Iceland to see the Northern lights. It’s possible to find images in tropical climates as well as icy climates on his incredibly diverse page as well. His photos include shots of local individuals, broad landscape photographs, and pictures highlighting points of interest.

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