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Top 5 Ways to Market Your Product with Youtube

(Last Updated On: April 8, 2019)

The number of advantages using YouTube offers to a business perspective is invaluable. It is free, you reach thousands or even millions of potential customers, and it is a visual medium – critical for brand recognition in the 21stcentury. So here are five ways you can use YouTube to market your product or service.



  1. Establish your business brand

    It does not matter if you have a formal company or just a simple business, establishing brand recognition is perhaps the most important step for Internet marketing. Because YouTube is primarily about videos (there are some slideshows and graphic media presentations) you have the opportunity to create a dazzling brand presentation that will grab the attention of your target market. Remember that the goal is for the viewer to visit the website or buy the product/service, not to simply be entertaining.

  2. Create a trailer

    Learn from the experts, that is, the mega movie producers, and create a short trailer that will generate interest for the viewer to either visit your website or to go to your longer YouTube video. Recent studies show that many people will not watch a YouTube video for any longer than 3.5 minutes before moving on. So if your promotion is more than 5 minutes, create a trailer with the highlights that will get viewers interested enough to watch the longer presentation. If the length of the YouTube video seems to be a major issue – it is. The goal of any produced video is to gain views, the more people who watch the content, the higher the chance of them remembering your Brand.

  3. Watch your words

    This applies in two areas of your creation – search terms and the actual verbal/video content. Because YouTube searches by keywords, you need to do your homework on what specific keywords will get your video to the top of the list. This also applies to metadata descriptions. As for your content, keep in mind that you want people to watch rather than listen to your video. If you are using text as a means of communicating your message, choose the words and style (font, size, etc.) carefully.

  4. Create a social media presence

    YouTube has a social media profile that you can complete to get your video out on major networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The best advice – fill it out completely. Social media outlets are fast becoming the number one source for news of every type – business, political, and happening-now events. Ignore this critical resource at your own peril.

  5. Use YouTube to develop the best source of marketing

    The best way to market and advertise your product or service is through word of mouth advertising. On YouTube, this means you should get viewer feedback in the form of “thumbs up” and positive comments from actual users of your product. Many businesses are too concerned about the competition when their marketing focus should be on getting actual customers who are the foundation for market share growth.


Youtube-MarketingThese five ways can get you using YouTube as a central part of your marketing plan. The best news about creating a YouTube video is it maximizes your creative and marketing skills to effectively communicate your message and link your video to the company brand. A thoughtful and well-crafted video will stay in the mind of your viewers, giving your brand the boost it needs to generate actual sales.