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Top 5 Websites to order Autopilot Instagram Likes

(Last Updated On: May 9, 2019)

If you need a jump start on building the reputation of your Instagram profile, one of the first and most important things to take care of is to have a regular likes flow. However, with so many websites coming up and claiming to be the ”best” in availing instant Instagram likes, it may be difficult to know how to find the real deal. Check out our list of top 5 websites. If you’re more of a Do It Yourself type of person you can get more Tips and Tricks from Instagram themself.


hypezWe chose to list Hypez as the first company on our list due to their incredible turnaround time. Regardless of what your order is, you will get the desired amount of likes in less than 10 minutes. This is of great importance because we all want our orders to be delivered immediately and not wait a whole day or an entire week.

If the quality of profiles is what matters to you, it might be an issue. Most of them do not look too realistic. On the other hand, every single like counts. Hypez also offers a reliable customer support that will answer your questions in a swift manner.

You can order the following packages of Instagram Options from Hypez:

  1. 100 likes / $1.49
  2. 500 likes / $3.99
  3. 2.500 likes / $15
  4. 5.000 likes / $25.99
  5. 10.000 likes / 39.99

Automatic Viral

automatic-viralAutomatic Viral offers an interesting concept with monthly plans ideal to give the much-needed head start to your Instagram profile. Each time you upload a picture or a video, the system will detect it in less than a minute and start delivering likes. You can adjust the speed of the oncoming likes, and to make things more realistic, the number of likes will differ 5-10% for every upload. Oh, and, if you upload a video, they will send you the same amount of views, completely free.

Overall, they are a reliable company and their system works. However, due to it being a bit pricey, it is intended for those who are serious about their Presence.

Automatic Viral offers these packages:

  1. 100 likes per post / 4 posts per day – $17/month
  2. 250 likes per post / 4 posts per day – $24/month
  3. 750 likes per post / 4 posts per day – $55/month
  4. 1000 likes per post / 4 posts per day – $75/month
  5. 1500 likes per post / 4 posts per day – $99/month

Automatic Liker

Automatic LikerTheir likes are mainly from USA and Canada and seem to come from quite realistic profiles. Once you make a payment, each new post will be discovered and taken care of in a couple of minutes. However, plan activation takes at most 48 hours, which can be a long time. On top of that, they represent a costly option, although they will do a good job.

All Automatic Instagram Like plans are for an unlimited number of photos. You can also choose a custom amount of the desired likes on their website. Here are some recommended packages:

  1. 50 likes per photo – $22.50/month
  2. 200 likes per photo – $90/month
  3. 500 likes per photo – $225/month
  4. 2500 likes per photo – $1.125/month


buzzoidBuzzoid is similar with Hypez not only regarding packages available but in some other things, too. They also deliver your order instantly and in a swift manner. It can even happen that they over-deliver, especially with bigger orders. However, if it is important where do the likes come from, you should know they come from rather generic profiles. Compared to Hypez, they also lack good customer support.

Here are the available packages:

  1. 100 likes / $2.97
  2. 500 likes / $6.99
  3. 2500 likes / $29.99
  4. 5000 likes / $39.99
  5. 10000 likes / $69.99

Audience Gain

audience-gainAudience Gain brags that it promotes your Instagram photos to real users around the world. It works like this – you make a payment, and they place your photo in real ads on their partners’ websites, leading to Instagram users liking your photo because they WANT to like it. Of course, at least a part of that must be a scheme perfected by Audience Gain. Despite that, this might be the most valuable option available, although not the cheapest.

It takes them approximately 2-3 days to deliver what you ordered, which makes you believe the system even more. Their customer support is very reliable.

Here are the packages available at Audience Gain:

  1. 500 likes / $7
  2. 1000 likes / $10
  3. 2000 likes / $15
  4. 5000 likes / $30
  5. 10000 likes / $55
  6. 20000 likes / $100

Rising through the Instagram social ladder is a long a tedious task, but with some focus and luck you can build a popular IG page. All the sites mentioned here can help you kick start your page by adding engagement to each and every post on Autopilot.

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