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Top Drummers of Instagram

(Last Updated On: June 13, 2019)

The best Drummers of Today on Instagram

Although the majority of music fans may think that it’s the front man or woman/lead singer who makes the band, that’s not necessarily true. Take Styxx for example. Their keyboard player really makes the band, in our humble opinion. In many bands, the drummer makes the band and we’re quite sure that Ringo would agree. So, just in case you’re looking for the best-of-the-best in current drummers of the world, we’ve compiled a group of ten of them on Instagram ranked by their follower numbers. We also provide the URL for their pages so you can check them out and decide for yourself.

List of Drummers:

  1. TonyRoysterJr – This popular drummer has 3,767 posts and 205k followers. His Instagram pages average 5k to 41k views and many have 5k or more likes. He believes in impromptu jams that just seem to work out. And, his followers seem to agree, too. One fan said that this guy is his favorite. That’s probably because he’s always posting lots of videos that include amazIng blind licks. But, they also include a friend, namely his adorable pet Pug. “One awesome dude” has been one way of describing this drummer. Check out his Instagram page at, and #ijustwanttoplay #vibez #itsgotime.
  2. Ash Soan – This popular drummer has played on so many recordings with famous artists that it’s hard to list them all but we’ll try. They include Adele, Cher, Celine Dion, Cee Lo, Enrique Iglesias, Seal, Robbie Williams, Nelly Furtado, and James Morrison. Pretty impressive list. He currently has 97.4k followers and 1,565 posts. You can see and hear him for yourself at and then you’ll probably see why so many big artists use him on their recordings. He’s definitely pretty hot. He has worked professionally as a drummer for more than 20-years. He’s also been on tour with Bon Jovi, Dionne Warwick, Bryan Adams at Wembley, The Rolling Stones, Van Hallen, and REM. His first band was called Del Amitri and he started it in 1994, which was the same year that he played Woodstock. He also played in the 2012 Olympic games opening ceremony and been house drummer for The Voice on BBC. He has recorded more than 50 top 20 albums and also performs on the latest Terminator movie soundtrack. He has 21+ top ten singles and has recorded 11 #1 singles and 18 #1 albums. You name it and this guy’s been there and done it.
  3. mattperipheryMattperiphery – Matt Halpern of the band Periphery has 81.7k followers on his Instagram page and 1,760 posts. His pages average up to 30k views and 5k likes. He wows his followers by posting daily and is also involved in a lot of other stuff that he posts, like great food, health and fitness, and working on the Promark Matt Halpern Signature Drumsticks. His goal is developing a drumstick that actually becomes a part of the drummer’s body so-to-speak. And, together with Mapex Drums, in 2015, Matt released the Wraith and, since then, it has been used on numerous recordings worldwide. The Wraith has even won awards like Rhythm Magazine’s Snare Drum of the Year. Matt says that he never plays a gig without his Wraith. And, if you’re a drummer and want some lessons from Matt, that’s available, too. He’s also co-founder of The Entertainment Institute and Drums at Periphery, as well as the owner at GetGood Drums. Matt’s currently living in Baltimore, MD. Check him out at and see what a multi-talented guy Matt really is. And, you’re gonna love the pic of his dog, too.
  4. Paulmabury – Paul Mabury is a drummer with 73.3k followers and 3,440 posts. You can also find out more and hear more of Paul Mabury at Check him out on Instagram at
  5. Jeffrandallmusic – Jeff Randall’s Instagram page has 40.1k followers and 185 posts. He’s a touring and session drummer from Nashville, Tn. He pays on an album by John Mayer called “Wave One” and you can see his performance at Check him out on Instagram at and see for yourself how good he is. He has some great pages that show him playing the drums and they’ve been getting as many as 15k views and the one with the beautiful sunset has almost 1k likes!
  6. Markguiliana – Mark Guiliana is a superb drummer with Beat Music Productions who has 40.6k followers and 856 posts on Instagram. He has been featured in several music publications like the New York Times who have been saying things like that he’s a new and exciting style of drummer and a drummer with a cult of admiration. See this for yourself at where his pages are averaging 2k likes each.
  7. BryancartermusicBryancartermusic – Bryan Carter is a drummer and also a vocalist, educator, and composer. His Instagram page has 29.6k followers and 936 posts. Check Bryan out at and where he sells some pretty cool merch. His pages have an average of 3k likes per page and some have 1,200 or more likes. And, his musical training came from none other than The Juilliard School in New York City. Hmmmm, no wonder he’s so good.
  8. Brodysimpsondrums – OK, so Brody Simpson has 22.4k followers and 199 posts on his Instagram page at He’s a session drummer, an engineer, and a producer. Find out more at about this awesome drummer whose pages average around 7k views and 500 likes each. He’s pretty good and we think you’ll agree.
  9. Aaronsteele_damn – Aaron Steele has 6,745 followers on his Instagram page He offers 1,254 posts for the music lover in you. You can also find more about him and have a listen at #agsteele for beats, All of his pages on Instagram receive 100 to 200 auto likes on average and he seems to be quite an interesting and musically talented guy.
  10. Ianhitsdrums – Ian Maciak is another multi-talented drummer who not only plays but give instructions to budding drummers as well. He plays with Tony Grey Galactic Duo Featuring Ian Maciak. His Instagram page has 6,630 followers and 746 posts. His pages average about 1,500 views per page and the likes are generally a couple of hundred each. Have a look and listen for yourself at