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Should you use Third Party Social Media Automation?

(Last Updated On: March 6, 2019)


Everyone is busy these days. There is always so many things you need to be doing and they all have to be done yesterday! This is why if anything can be done for us, it sounds like a god send as it is one less thing we have to think about.

Social media has, without question, become a huge part of our everyday lives and we feel like it has to be taken care of, day in and day out. However, with the help of third party social media automation tools, this can be done with minimal effort.

What is Social Media Automation?

social-media-automationSocial Media Automation is a tool that is used to post content to your social media networks for you after you have set it up to do so. This can range from linking your social media pages together so that when you post to one, it spreads across all of your social media platforms, reaching a potentially grander audience.

Using Social Media Automation does not mean you can come off of social media all together as you will still have to reply to your followers if they have an inquiry for you, but it does save you time and energy from switching between multiple platforms and posting the same thing on each and every one.

Social media is, as the name suggests, a social platform and the human touch will always be required in some form or another.

Tools for Automation

Choosing the right software for you might be difficult, so we’ve made it easier by highlighting the best social media automation tools around.

The range of tools are


  • Hootsuite

Hootsuite is an incredibly helpful tool. There are so many actions that Hootsuite can help you with that it is a must to look in to using.

Hootsuite gives you the ability to keep track of many social media channels at once making life much easier for those of us who are regular users of social media platforms. Not only can you manage everything at once but it will also tell you if your brand has been mentioned, giving you a greater insight to how popular you are becoming. If your company is being addressed in a negative light then you can swiftly act upon it and improve what needs improving.

Hootsuite works across several different platforms and has the added benefit of allowing scheduled posts, it will even help decide the best time to be posting in order to gain the most interaction.


Buffer makes posting to your social media accounts incredibly simple. All you have to do is add your post to the queue and it will be posted for you with no need to schedule a time as Buffer will take care of that too.

Buffer will also provide you with great analytics, showing you what is and isn’t working across all  platforms. Buffer is always improving its analytic features to provide you with better insight.

If you want to keep track of a campaign link, Buffer now makes this available by making sure that each and every link is unique to each update or post.


  • Crowdfire

Crowdfire works with both Twitter and Instagram and will keep track of who has unfollowed your profiles. We always want to know who is following us and those who have decided that are posts may not be for them.

Crowdfire will also hunt down those Twitter profiles who are inactive and delete them if you want to. You will want to ensure that you only have followers who are active, especially if you are in business, as an inactive profile will never buy from you.

After those inactive profiles are deleted you will want to regain the followers. Crowdfire has the ability to find other users that are relevant with the “Copy Followers” feature. Checking the relationship between any two Instagram or Twitter accounts is possible with Crowdfire.

These are just a few of the tools you can use for your social media automation. There are more and you need to feed the best one for you.

5 reasons to use social media automation

So why would you use an automation service rather than just posting it yourself. Here are 5 reasons why it’s a good idea to be using a third party social media automation service.

  1. It’s easy!

It is so simple and easy to use it is almost too convenient. Third party applications like the ones we have mentioned allow marketers to post at the exact time they want to post and where they want to post to. It is incredibly efficient.

  1. Optimized posting times

Some of the third party social media automation tools will delve deep into your account and find out what time they are most engaged. This means you can find the perfect time to post your content for your market.

This will take out the guesswork and is especially important on sites like Twitter where posts have a shelf life of about 18 minutes before it is swallowed up in the hustle and bustle of the Twitter world.

  1. Time difference means nothing now

If you are targeting a particular post for a different continent you may find yourself coming across time zone issues,  this can drastically affect your potential sales and revenue. Thanks to the scheduling abilities of the third party tools this will never be an issue again.

Scheduling your posts means a larger audience, more opportunities and more eyes directed at the content you want to be viewed.

  1. Consistency

Social media automation allows you to be consistently posting content to your social media profiles. Consistent content ensures your followers that you want to be active and you want to inform them on a daily, or even bi-daily basis.

People will ensure to come back to a page and keep following a page if they know you are going to be posting on a regular basis.

Regularity brings loyalty.

  1. Go green with content

As has been mentioned, a tweet only has a shelf life of roughly 18 minutes, with Marketing automation this means you can recycle your content. Automation and recycling your posts ensures that you should never run out of content.

The shelf life of an Instagram Post is roughly one hour. This is why you want to automatically add likes or auto drip Instagram followers so you don’t have to manually do it. Timing is critical when getting the likes so let a service do it for you.

Simply reposting a bit of content with a different messaging and leaving enough time in between each repost will give you a full, interesting and exciting time line that people will love.

In Conclusion

If you work with social media on a regular basis, especially if you use several different social media platforms, third party social media automation tools are essentially to efficient and smart working.

Each person will get different benefits from different tools and as an individual you should ensure to research the benefits of each tool to find what is best for what you require.