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What are some Twitter Marketing strategies?

(Last Updated On: March 6, 2019)

twitter-strategiesWhat are some Twitter Marketing Strategies

If you have a business that you want to promote, then social media could be your ticket to more sales. These days, many businesses and groups are using Twitter to generate business and followers. However, it is not enough to just get followers that can easily be bought in today’s world. (Please note, that action does not come highly recommended.) Instead you should focus on what content you have to make it popular amongst your followers so that it can tweeted and reposted. The more people that retweet your post, the more reach it gets. Here are a few strategies that you could follow to market your business on Twitter.


  • Check out Twitter’s Home Page to publicize an event: Now we don’t mean go and spend hours checking what’s trending on Twitter, we mean that you should do something about it. Twitter’s home page shows you the latest trending topics and therefore advertisers pay a premium to get their ads on the front page. This usually yields a higher engagement rate than banner ads. Banner ads which have been the standard form of internet advertising since 1993 have very low click through rates which is how direct sales are measured. In the case of Twitter, engagement is measured by the number of ‘favorited tweets’ and ‘retweets’. Promoted Trends tend to yield higher engagement. A famous example was when Volkswagen received a 52% engagement for a promoted tweet for its New Beetle launch in 2012. So if you are running a promoted tweet, you should have some news or associated product launch. Another example is of Coca Cola who received high engagement during the 2010 World Cup. They would release a celebratory tweet on every goal scored.
  • Start Tweeting:
  • Observe popular trends: You could learn a lot just be observing what other businesses are doing on Twitter. Each business will have their own marketing strategy and you can see which ones are doing well to develop your own content marketing strategy. After all, why should you reinvent the wheel twice. You could find relevant content based on your competitors and follow relevant conversations using the Search button. After studying the interaction other businesses have with their customers, you can be in a better position to decide which tactics will work with your followers.


  • Show your personality through your tweets: You should reveal the real ‘You’ while tweeting. People now prefer the informal approach where the communication style is friendly and engaging. People get a little daunted by approaching a post which sounds very formal. If you have an informal thread, then it is more likely that your followers will comment or retweet it. In turn, this generates more engagement which is good for your business.


  • Test out your tweets: You really won’t know if it works unless you try it out. Focus on generating good and quality content and post how ever many times you want in a day. You will notice by the number of retweets on which time of the day has more twitter presence, and perhaps you can plan tweets accordingly.


  • Develop your strategy for content marketing: No matter how popular you brand is, or how much you pay to be on the Promoted trends section, if your content is not compelling then you will fall short. People’s attention is short, and you have to always think ahead. Know your customers, be aware of your fan following. By perhaps trial and error you will be able to understand which types of tweets are better received. Also, nobody can ignore a discount. To increase your popularity and following base in Twitter you will have to employ strategies like that.
  • Be regular in your tweets: It is very important to keep your online presence constant. The internet crowd is fickle and with so many products being released and marketed every day, you have to make sure that you are constantly getting in touch with your followers. Instead of posting the same thing rewritten every day, you could try something new like posting something different for each day of the week. E.g., Monday could show your followers behind the scenes, Tuesday could have Tips and Tricks, Wednesday could show mid-week sales, Thursday could have a Q&A with your followers – you get what I mean.


  • Your tweets should be goal oriented: You should decide whether you want engagement or direct response. Here are strategies for both:

Tweets that yield engagement:

  • Be Creative: People like visually appealing tweets, so let your creative juices flow through humour, current news or inspiring tweets.
  • Be straightforward: You want your posts retweeted? Ask your followers to retweet, reply, like or comment. Ask them for their opinions, engage your following.
  • Carpe Diem: Seize the day. There is no time like the present, and you must everything to your advantage. Check out current popular trending topics, events and add to the conversations. Make yourself known.

Tweets that yield direct responses:

  • Give great offers: People love knowing what’s new, what are the great deals available. Everybody wants to save money. Generate curiosity about your business or product and involve your followers for their opinions on products, deals etc.
  • Inspire action: People will respond faster if there is a time limit on your offer. For e.g., if a certain deal is advertised and the deadline is in 24 hours, chances are that even if people didn’t want to buy anything, they will – just because you have instigated a sense of urgency.
  • Be clear: Don’t confuse your viewers with unnecessary hashtags that could take their attention away from your product. We know that it has become very popular to include them in posts – but if they’re not required, don’t use the.


Twitter, like other social media networks, rely heavily on the people that are logged in. It requires interaction between many people all over the globe, and using Twitter tends to broaden the visibility and market of your business. So tweet along, this blue bird will sing your song.