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What Are Some YouTube Marketing Strategies?

(Last Updated On: March 6, 2019)

What Are Some YouTube Marketing Strategies?

youtube-strategiesWhen you start your own website or increase your online presence, it’s important to not forget the power of multiple platforms to spread your message, design, service, or product. For the “newer” generations like Millennials and Generation Z, social media and social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and similar sites are where they get their information and entertainment. One of the largest online communities in the world, however, is YouTube. While there are many platforms to share articles, images, and links to special content, YouTube is a one-stop show for visual entertainment. You can find cat videos, informational videos, product reviews, how-to videos, and even more. Slowly but surely, businesses are catching on to the power of YouTube, realizing that it is a platform by which you can increase your visibility and success as a business as long as you can produce and share videos that are relevant to a specific audience. If you’d like to get started on your YouTube journey, here are a few marketing strategies to make sure you get thousands of views on your videos.

Do Not Underestimate SEO

If you don’t know what SEO is, research it right now. Basically, it’s Search Engine Optimization using keywords and specific links to get more click-throughs to your website. You want search engines to find keywords in your content that are specific to your site and that are often searched for. This applies to YouTube because you can use keywords in your video description, and also in your URL (webpage link) and in your filenames (the videos you upload). This means that more people who search for a topic like your video will find it, resulting in more views, which will in turn result in more conversions (sales, followers, etc.)

A Message

If you don’t have something to provide to your viewers, like a useful video on how to make their own campfire (just for an example), or a really important message to share, like “Don’t do drugs,” you’ve got no business marketing yourself on YouTube. It’s a highly competitive sight; millions of people visit YouTube every day. You will get seen, unless you don’t have a point to make or a story to share. Make sure you’re working towards quality content targeted towards your audience, customers, or followers. The greater the content, the greater the response.

Social Sharing

If you create a YouTube channel and start uploading videos, odds are you’re not going to get seen right away. One way to avoid this is to share it across a number of social media platforms. Have your family, friends, or employees (or all three) share it across their social media, and watch your view count rise. This is a crucial aspect to marketing, as it’s next to impossible to get seen without someone starting the trend. This also means that your message will spread to a larger amount of people, and this will influence your SEO and rankings in Google as well as YouTube. It’s a win-win!

Create Advertisements

If you’re not into updating your YouTube channel frequently, or being involved with a community behind your channel, maybe you should use YouTube for strictly advertisements. You know those videos that play at the beginning of nearly every YouTube video you watch? That could be you. While these slots are rather expensive, they get viewed millions of times a day, and that can result in a lot of conversions. You also have the option of sponsoring a YouTube star, having your ad banner pop up on their video, or have them endorse your product, service, or message. This means that you get their followers, a higher chance of conversion, and you save time. This may cost more than producing and maintaining your own channel, but it’s bound to help your marketing campaign if you get the right person to help you, or if you advertise in the right area.

Compare and Contrast

Whether you are a writer, an artist, a designer, a manufacturer, a service provider, or just a person who is passionate about something, YouTube will be a great platform for you. You can compare and contrast what you have to offer, review, or teach people from traditional methods, or even other methods found on YouTube. This means that if you’re a painter, you can produce a video supporting the use of oil paints over acrylics (insert brands for affiliate marketing). If you’re a mechanic, you can produce a video using a new tool or part that makes your job (and the job of those watching) much easier than other methods. If you’re a pastor, you can preach the Gospel as you know it and compare it to how others see it. The main marketing strategy to use on YouTube is ensuring that you stand out from the crowd. Make sure people know what makes you stand out!

Backlinks and Backdoor Conversions

YouTube is designed to keep users on their site- they don’t like losing viewers. For this reason, they don’t often make it easy for users to find more information outside of YouTube, and instead funnel users directly to similar videos or the channel the video they’re watching came from. If you really want people to find you on social media, you need to include that information both in your video (yes, say it), in the images (yes, make it so you can see links on the screen), and also in your description. This is the best way to get more traffic to your website, your social media, and results in many more conversions. But you have to utilize all three methods, or you risk YouTube overriding a user’s ability to access your external sources.


The best part about YouTube is the comments. You can interact with a very passionate community of followers (and maybe a few haters), and create a loyal customer/follower base that will increase your marketing strategy ten (hundred, thousand) fold. If you don’t want to interact with your followers, YouTube is probably not the best platform for you or your business, but you’ll also be losing out on a potentially huge marketing win.